Some people can travel in first class AC even after buying cheap tickets, know the rules

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New Delhi. According to the rules of Indian Railways, the passenger can travel only in the class for which he has a ticket. But there is a rule under which a passenger can travel in first class even by taking a cheap ticket. Even TT cannot stop a passenger from traveling this way. Let us know what is this rule of Indian Railways.

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On an average, 1.85 crore passengers travel by trains every day. These include passengers of all categories of AC, sleeper and general class. Many times women travel alone in the first class and their attendants are in the second class. There is a special rule in the railway manual for women traveling in First AC, women traveling alone should be aware of this rule.

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this is the rule

If a woman is traveling alone in first class, the attendant should stay with her in second class during the day, but from eight in the night to six in the morning, the attendant can sit in first class. But there is a condition that the attendant should be a woman and she should have a second AC ticket. Under this rule, even TT cannot stop you from sitting in First AC. In this way, the attendant can travel first in such a cheap ticket.

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Know these rules also

If a single woman is traveling in the ladies compartment and she has a child with her, can he sit in the compartment with the woman? According to the railway manual, if the age of the child is less than 12 years, then the child can travel in the ladies compartment. Even TT can't stop it. But if the age of the child is more than 12 then he cannot sit in the ladies compartment. He will have to sit in the normal coach.

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