So is this why someone is reaching Cannes? Sambhavna Seth revealed on the red carpet

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Bhojpuri actress Sambhavna Seth is very active in the world of vlogs these days. In her latest vlog, Sambhavna has targeted the 'Cannes Film Festival', because this time many small celebs as well as social media influencers made a lot of headlines in this famous event. Many people did not like seeing the crowd among the big stars in the Cannes Film Festival, which is considered one of the best film festivals in the world, one of whom is Sambhavna and now she has said some such things against it, which you will surely be surprised to hear.

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In an interview to Siddharth Kannan, Sambhavna Seth said about the crowd that reached the Cannes Film Festival, 'You tell me how many Indian films have been shown in Cannes. If you give money, our show will also be shown in Cannes. I know this and I came to know this because of my husband.' After this, Sambhavna even said that you and I will make a video of feeding a dog and then we can take it to Cannes, pay money and it will be screened. She said – This red carpet which is actually the red carpet of Cannes, there is a red carpet behind it too, they are roaming there.

'The place where Aishwarya Rai walks is the real Cannes'

Sambhavna also said some more things about this event. She said, 'The place where Aishwarya Rai walks is the real Cannes. A lot of people are really invited there, but why am I being invited? What am I doing there? Neither has any of my films been released, nor is there any such big mention of me and I reached Cannes. Siddharth is saying Sambhavna, I am very proud of you, hey, I am not proud brother, I have paid money, I have paid to get the photo clicked there, and the photographer is also mine, not his.'

“It's a red carpet in the back, that you laid out yourself.”

Sambhavna further said, 'I don't know which influencers you are talking about who got an invitation from Cannes, I did not get an invitation. Then I will first paste the invitation page and then set the camera and I will go straight to Cannes and make this (waving) video that hi, so this is the red carpet behind, which you have laid yourself.'

'What am I doing in life that I have reached Cannes'

The actress finally said, 'You, I and everyone can go to Cannes. We have to spend money. I may be very wrong, but I am sure that my husband will not tell me that I am wrong. He says tell me when to go, I say no baba, why would I lie to people, what am I doing in life that I reached Cannes.'

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