Smile, you are in India! You can enjoy life even on the path of struggle

Ananya Shroff
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Author: Ramesh Tiwari

There is a dilemma inside us. We want to protect ourselves and our family from all misery. We put in a lot of effort for this, in fact most of the effort is put in for this. Studying hard, passing competitive exams, finding a well-paid job or starting a business. And then we think that life will be set once we get married. That moment may come when we realize that there is no uncertainty in our life now, at least not in terms of money. But if everything in life is set, everything keeps moving forward in a pre-determined manner, will this be a good situation? This question comes to the mind of many people.

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Today this question is being discussed on social media. A post of an Indian origin person living in Singapore came out on X. In this, he has written that our life is going perfectly but we feel that because of this our daughter has become very soft. We ourselves have forgotten what kind of mismanagement happens in India. Actually we have also become soft. This is the reason why we are going to Bangalore so that my daughter can understand the uncertainties of life. After this post, many reactions came on social media.

This decision reminds us of the story of Savji Dholakia, a diamond businessman from Gujarat. His company is worth thousands of crores of rupees and has a presence all over the world. Savji is known for giving cars and flats as bonuses to his employees. A few years ago, one of his decisions became very famous. He asked his only son to go to Kochi for a month. The purpose was that his son should live an anonymous life there. He should know how poor people struggle for jobs and money. Savji's 21-year-old son Dravya Dholakia was pursuing MBA from the US at that time. He came home for vacation. He went to Kochi with three pairs of clothes. His father had given him Rs 7000, but only for emergency. Dravya could not use neither his father's identity, nor his mobile phone nor the Rs 7000. He was not to work at one place for more than a week. Even though it was for a short time, he saw the ups and downs of life.

If we look around us today, what do we see? We will find many people who are considered very successful in their lives. There is a lot of struggle behind this success. This same person nurtures a strange desire that his family should not have to struggle. If his wife or children go somewhere by car, they should sit in an AC car and reach directly to the mall, school or anywhere else. He does not pay attention to what came and went on the way. For years he keeps roaming in many corners of the city. But if someday his wife has to return home alone from the mall, school or anywhere else by public transport… no, this will not be possible. He does not even know the names of those roads and intersections of the city through which he has been passing for years.

Identifying fresh vegetables in the market, completing bank papers, maintaining friendships and traditions among relatives… all these things are best learned in the family. As parents, we hand over all the gadgets to our children and think that we have bestowed all the happiness at their feet. We can claim to be the best father or mother by taking them to the mall every weekend and eating at the best restaurants. We never even think whether our growing son will be able to understand the nuances of a health insurance claim if he is suddenly admitted to the hospital. In happy days, we think, why think about bad events in advance!

We want to place every facility at the feet of the family. Gradually the family also starts realizing that we do not need to struggle for anything. The problem starts after that. The heroes who emerge in the society often come from the sections which were neglected, who did not get adequate facilities in studies, sports, jobs or other spheres of life. Then we compare ourselves with them and find that the comforts and facilities we gathered became a hindrance in the further progress of our children.

Today in society, the competition to outdo each other for money is not just to make one's life secure. This competition is also so that our next 7 generations do not have to struggle. For this, if someone has to resort to corruption, he does so. When these houses are filled with wealth, does happiness begin to come? No, then new problems arise. The new generation starts spending money so easily that the old generation, which has earned everything with its hard work, starts feeling uncomfortable. This leads to conflict between the two generations within the house. The new generation does not understand what is wrong in spending indiscriminately?

Every year, lakhs of youth in the country want to settle in America and Canada. They feel that their dreams can be fulfilled there. Of course, a large number of youth do not return to India. It may be easy to criticize the difficulties of life in India. Living in those difficulties and turning them into ease is a different thing. In this context, the story of the film 'Swades' is worth remembering. NRI Mohan Bhargava lives in America and works as a project manager in the space agency NASA. Once Mohan comes to India, he comes across the problems of the villages here. He also finds solutions to some of them. Then he goes back to America for work at NASA. He does not like it there and comes to India and settles down.

Even if someone wants to go through the struggle, there is a fear that it can become a trauma. We think that trauma causes stress. Sometimes it can even be life threatening. But trauma also carries life forward. This theory has been put forward very strongly by psychologist Richard Tedeschi. He says, 'After experiencing traumatic events, people develop a new understanding of themselves. We develop a new understanding of the world we live in. We learn how to maintain relationships with other people.'

Tough struggles force us to face our fears. They make us mentally and emotionally stronger individuals. The life skills we learn can be used for future challenges. This is true not just for those living in India but for those living in any corner of the world. Life is an extraordinary journey. It has hopes and disappointments. It has victories and failures. It is through struggles that we truly find our strength. These struggles give us resilience, which increases our capacity for growth. Challenges may seem scary at first, but they shape the strength within us. Life is no fun without struggle. It is important for us to happily accept the adversities that come our way.

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