Shooting Of Deep Mishra-Manisha Yadav's Film 'Shaadi Mein Ooltah Fera' Begins, How People Work In Reverse

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Any person in the world, seeing a very auspicious time, gets someone married with great rituals so that in future the couple can enjoy and benefit from all kinds of worldly comforts. But it is also said that the person who is born upside down and the person who takes a wrong turn in marriage, both are equally dangerous and skilled. Wherever they step, something good happens there and they make some things very good with their skills. So can it be assumed that something similar is going to happen in the future also, because here too the news of Deep Mishra's marriage taking a wrong turn is coming out. Actually, the shooting of the film 'Shaadi Mein Ooltah Phera' is taking place in Mumbai Thane these days. Meera is walking vigorously in Uttan Bhayandar of Bhayandar. In this film starring actor Deep Mishra, a combination of the trio of comedy, romance and emotion will be seen. Deep Mishra had started preparations for this film long ago and now the results of that preparation are being seen on the floor. In this film, actress Manisha Yadav, who tied the knot with Deep Mishra, is in the lead role. Deep Mishra says that his film will be full of entertainment which the audience will enjoy and as a package, this film will be liked by the audience of all ages.

A twist in Bhojpuri film Shaadi

Will be paired with Manisha Yadav

These days, the pair of him and Manisha Yadav are working hard to bring a great story to the audience in this film. As per its title, the film 'Shaadi Mein Ooltah Phera' is preparing to introduce the audience to a new flavor through some auspicious and inauspicious rounds, in the middle of which is our auspicious marriage which has been going on since ancient times. Being used as a medium. Is shown.

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Cast and crew of 'Shaadi Mein Ooltah Phera'

Kuldeep Kumar Mishra is the producer of the film 'Shaadi Mein Ooltah Phera' being made under the banner of Deep Film and Distribution. The writer and director of this film is Lal ji Yadav. The lyrics of the songs of the film have been written by Chhotu Yadav and the music has been composed by Chhote Baba. The DOP of the film is DK Sharma, the dance is taught by Kanu Mukherjee, the compilation is by Santosh Harawade, while the action master is Pradeep Khadka. The main actors of the film 'Shaadi Mein Ooltah Phera' are Deep Mishra, Manisha Yadav, Sanjay Pandey, Anup Arora and other actors.

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