She says go to hell… Cricketer spews venom against women, creates ruckus

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Saeed Anwar is currently propagating Islam This former opener of Pakistan has played an inning of 194 runs in ODI against India. Former left-handed opener Saeed Anwar has given an absurd statement against women.

New Delhi. Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma undoubtedly holds the record for the highest score in ODIs, but for a long time this record was in the name of former Pakistan opener Saeed Anwar. Anwar, one of the best batsmen in the world, has landed in trouble for making remarks against working women. He says that due to women coming out of home to work, divorce cases have increased by 30 percent in Pakistan in the last 3 years. He even said that women are telling their husbands to go to hell and threatening to run the household themselves.

Saeed Anwar, who played a stormy innings of 194 runs in the Chennai ODI against India in 1996-97, missed his double century by 6 runs. This record remained intact for 13 years. Currently, a video of Saeed Anwar, who propagates the religion of Islam, is going viral in which he is giving absurd statements. People are also surprised to hear such things from Anwar's mouth and are criticizing him a lot. Anwar said, 'Ever since women started working in Pakistan, the divorce rate has increased by 30 percent in the last three years. Wives say fuck, I can earn it myself. I can run the house on my own. This is the whole game plan. Unless you get guidance you will not be able to understand this game plan.

Former Pakistani cricketer Saeed Anwar says that women working to earn money is the destruction of the society. “I've traveled all over the world, just came back from Europe. The youth are troubled and the families are in a bad situation. Couples are fighting. It is too bad that they have to make women work for money.”

– Imtiaz Madmood (@ImtiazMadmood) 15 May 2024

first published : May 16, 2024, 3:32 pm IST

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