She is a housewife, neither does she have a job nor a business, yet she still has to file her income tax return. Know the rules

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She is a housewife, neither does she have a job nor a business, yet she still has to file her income tax return.  Know the rules

Income Tax Return filing rules for women stays at home: Should a housewife file Income Tax Return (ITR) or not? Now the answer to this is not directly yes or no but it is understandable. Many times housewives get money from different sources. Now if money is coming into the account then the woman should know its source. Also, there are rules as to whether this regularly coming money will be considered as income or not. When we talk about filing income tax return, it does not mean paying tax to the government. By filing income tax return at the end of any financial year, you also inform the government or the income tax department that you do not fall within the scope of income tax liability. Filing income tax return and depositing income tax are two different things.

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The house rent comes into the housewife's account…

If you are a housewife then it is possible that the house rent is coming in your bank account in your name. It is also possible that your husband lives abroad and he gives you a lump sum amount every month in your bank account. You send it. Also, it is possible that you may have received money in the bank as various gifts. We talked to tax experts about this situation or whether you will have to file income tax returns in such a situation. For more such information related to women and personal finance, you can click here.

Prashant Jain, expert consultant in tax matters When we say housewife (or house husband), it means that she has no income. So they do not need to file ITR. But, if the housewife has any income which is coming through rent (rental income) or interest income received from FD or other bank savings or scheme, or the woman has invested her savings in the stock market. If you have invested money and received dividend then the housewife will also have to file ITR.

Husband works abroad, sends money to wife…

At the same time, if your husband lives abroad and he sends you a lump sum amount every month to your bank account, will you have to file a return? On this, Jain says that the money given by the husband to the wife has been kept in exemption. But if the wife invests this money and earns returns or interest, then she will have to file ITR. However, if this income falls under the income tax slab, then tax will have to be deducted as per your slab.

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