She doesn't say it but every girl likes these 5 things about boys

Ananya Shroff
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There are some things in a relationship that girls don't often share, because most girls are a bit introverted about their choices. They neither tell what has hurt them nor do they share those things. Now you will say that if she doesn't tell us then how will we know, right!

You don't have to work hard to know what's in your girlfriend's heart, because today we are going to tell you about 5 things that boys don't say but every girl likes. So know these things in your partner's heart immediately.

take lots of pictures

Many girls never say this to themselves but they want you to take couple photos with them and make random videos. They love such things, it makes them feel how much you love them. Seeing this makes them even more happy.

deep and long conversation deep and long conversation

Every girl wants a partner with whom she can talk openly. Conversations that include her thoughts, dreams and feelings. When you have a deep conversation with your partner about a topic, she feels connected and the girl feels that you understand her.

So if you like a girl, listen to her carefully, don't interrupt her, show interest in her thoughts. Also tell her your feelings, this will increase trust and understanding between you two.



Girls understand the feelings of boys just by their touch. But girls do not say this, rather they like it when a boy plays with their hair and caresses their back. This gives them a lot of comfort, so when they are tired or upset, you can also hug them lovingly.

kissing by the waist

kissing by the waist

Kissing is a way to express your love, but the way of kissing also matters a lot. Girls feel special when their partner lovingly holds their waist and pulls them towards him and kisses them. They find it very romantic. But do not do this suddenly. First make them feel a little comfortable and then slowly hold their waist and bring them towards you and then kiss them slowly.

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