Share that takes you out of poverty! Rs 50,000 turned into Rs 1 crore, it took only 1 year

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Shares of Tirath Plastics are listed on BSE.
The total market cap of this company is Rs 30 crore.
It had earned a revenue of Rs 0.02 crore in the December quarter.

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New Delhi. You will find many multibagger shares but very few will find a multibagger who can convert Rs 50,000 into Rs 1 crore. Shares of Tirtha Plastics have done something similar. Therefore it is also being called the best multibagger of FY 24. Whoever would have invested Rs 50,000 in this share in April last year would have become a millionaire today. The price of this share was then 31 paise and today this share is worth Rs 66.36.

During this period, Tirath Plastics has given a return of 21306 percent to its investors. If someone had invested Rs 1 lakh in this share on April 3, then today that amount would have increased to Rs 2.14 crore. This share of Rs 50,000 has been converted into Rs 1.07 crore. This stock has helped its shareholders get out of trouble.

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stock performance
The company's shares have given a return of 31.67 percent to its investors in the last one month. At the same time, this share has increased by more than 206 percent since the beginning of this year. That means in just 3 months it has more than doubled the investment of investors. This share has increased by more than 800 percent in the last 6 months. However, for the last one week, this stock has been continuously experiencing lower circuit and this stock has fallen by about 4 percent. Its 52 weeks high is Rs 69.09 and low is Rs 0.30.

Company's financial performance
This is a company with a market cap of Rs 30 crore. It had revenue of Rs 0.02 crore in the December quarter of FY24 while its profit was Rs 0.01 crore. There is not much information publicly available about this company. About 60 percent of its shares are in the retail market and 40 percent are with the promoters. Before investing money in such shares, definitely talk to an investment advisor once.

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