Shahrukh used to go to slums secretly at midnight, Sunil Pal told a heart touching story

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Shahrukh Khan has been ruling the hearts of millions of people along with the film world for the last three decades. Everyone praises his humble nature. Shahrukh not only takes care of the people associated with him, but he also respects everyone around him. This quality of Shahrukh wins the hearts of the fans. Recently, comedian Sunil Pal also praised Shahrukh Khan and said that he takes care of every person around him from the heart and respects them. Sunil Pal also praised Aamir Khan. He said that both the stars are down to earth and respect every artist. Sunil Pal then narrated an anecdote related to Shahrukh Khan, when he once went on a foreign tour. There Shahrukh himself introduced Sunil Pal to other people. Sunil Pal also told that then Shahrukh used to go to the slums of Mumbai as well, because one of his staff lived there.

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'Shahrukh used to go to the slum to meet an employee'

Sunil Pal told Bollywood Bubble, 'I remember one of SRK's staff members Subhash used to live in the slum next to mine, where I used to stay on rent. Shah Rukh Khan used to come to his house once every 4-6 months. If it was his child's birthday or any other occasion, he used to come. He used to come after 12 or 1 am at night, when it would get dark. He would come quietly, sit for 10-15 minutes and leave.'

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Shahrukh introduced Sunil Pal to everyone on the tour

When Sunil Pal went on a tour with Shahrukh to Singapore, the actor introduced every artist to the audience. Sunil Pal told that after the show there, Shahrukh introduced every artist. Ganesh Hegde was also on the stage, who later asked Sunil Pal to imitate Shahrukh. Then Sunil Pal imitated him in front of Shahrukh.


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Sunil Pal is not in touch with Shahrukh, told Aamir's story

However, now Sunil Pal is not in touch with Shahrukh. He said that Shahrukh is busy in his life. But one thing is certain that whenever we meet, even if he does not recognize me, his behavior will remain the same. After this, Sunil Pal told an anecdote related to Aamir Khan. This is when Sunil Pal went on a 'Lagaan' tour with Aamir. Sunil Pal said, 'At that time 'Dil Chahta Hai' and 'Lagaan' were very hit. I was told that Aamir would take auditions before the tour, because nothing moves forward without his permission. Ashutosh Gowariker introduced me to Aamir and I started imitating him. I saw that Aamir was engaged in increasing my confidence. Even before my act was over, he started laughing and took me away.'

Aamir has no problem sitting on the ground

Sunil Pal also said that Shahrukh and Aamir Khan are big stars because they do not have any ego or pride. Aamir Khan even sits on the floor during discussions. He has no problem sitting.

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