Science GK Quiz: Which is the largest organ of our body? Perhaps you too do not know the answer

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10 Science GK Questions in Hindi: In this article, we bring you some questions that will test your science knowledge. Covering a range of topics from biology and chemistry to physics and astronomy, our questions are designed to be both interesting and informative. Whether you are interested in science or not, the questions and answers given here will seem exciting to you. They will enhance your science GK and also prepare you for upcoming exams.

Mars planet

How is coal formed?

Question 3. What type of rock is formed when magma cools down and solidifies?
sedimentary rock
igneous rock
metamorphic rock
Foliated Rock
Answer: Igneous rock

Question 4. Which type of fossil fuel is formed from ancient plant material?
natural gas
Answer: Coal

The largest species of lizard

The largest species of lizard

Question 5. Which is the largest living species of lizard?
Komodo Dragon
Saltwater Crocodile
black Mamba
African elephant
Answer: Komodo dragon

Question 6. Which type of radiation has the highest energy and shortest wavelength?
Alpha Radiation
beta radiation
Gamma Radiation
UV radiation
Answer: Gamma radiation

planet with the most moons

planet with the most moons

Question 7. Which planet in our solar system has the most moons?
Answer: Saturn

Question 8. What is the name of the scientist who discovered the world's first antibiotic?
Louis Pasteur
Alexander Fleming
Jonas Salk
Edward Jenner
Answer: Alexander Fleming

the largest organ of the human body

the largest organ of the human body

Question 9. Which is the largest organ of the human body?
Answer: Skin

Question 10. Which is the deepest lake in the world?
Lake Superior
Lake Michigan
lake baikal
Lake Tanganyika
Answer: Lake Baikal

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