Savi Trailer: Divya Khosla is trying her best to break out of England jail.

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Divya Khosla is returning to the screen once again. But this time she is not going to be seen with a romantic love story but with a powerful character in a thriller movie. The name of his film is 'Savi', the trailer of which has been released. Apart from him, Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Rane are also playing important roles in this. The film 'Savi' is a thriller-action film. A lot of crime and drama will be seen in this. Made under the banner of T-Series, this movie has been directed by Abhinav Dev. Mukesh Bhatt Bhushan and Krishna Kumar have produced it. Whereas, Sakshi Bhatt and Shiv Channan are its co-producers. This film will be released in theaters on May 31. But before that a glimpse of it has been presented.

English police arrested Savi's husband

It is shown in the trailer of this film that Harshvardhan Rane and Divya Khosla are husband and wife. But the English police arrests the actor on charges of murder. He declares himself innocent but no one listens to him or believes him. He also has a son, who will be 7-8 years old. In this film, which will be released on May 31, Divya Khosla tries to free her husband from jail.

Anil Kapoor overshadows Divya Khosla and Harshvardhan!

During this time, he meets Anil Kapoor, who is seen towering over both the actors. In this film, he is going to be seen in different types of getups, seeing which in the trailer itself, the excitement level of the fans is increasing. Well. Divya wants to break the jail and take out Harshvardhan and Anil helps her in this. But in the end what happens is that Savi himself is accused of murder. We will have to wait for all the questions coming to our mind.

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