Sameera Reddy was asked to undergo surgery, the actress does not shy away from showing white hair and belly fat

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Sameera Reddy recently posted a picture on Instagram in which on one side she is 45 years old and on the other side she is 28 years old. People are reacting a lot to this picture of her. She wrote with it, 'People said that now I look happier with my skin. I used to look thin at the age of 28, but even at the age of 45 I am almost the same. When I was 40, my age was told to be 38 years. But I immediately changed it because I was proud to be 40 years old. After moving so much in the interview, Google chose the wrong age. ' Sameera Reddy told that when she was doing a job, she was asked to get a boob job (breast surgery). She said, 'At the top of my career, I was put under a lot of pressure to get a job. Many people kept saying, 'Sameera, everyone is doing it, why not you'. I will not evaluate anyone who wants to get plastic surgery and botox, but I do not want to do it. '

Sameera Reddy has this passion even in her old age

Sameera Reddy is being praised for embracing ageing on Instagram. But when she started her career, she was told to use 'too many filters'. She said, 'I said when the skin gets damaged, I will show it, I will show my cellulite and my weight. I prefer to look like this rather than having a perfect 36-24-36 figure.' She says her reels get people's love because they are real.

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Someone has said it openly

She further added, 'It has always been like this between me and my audience. We showed what people wanted to hear. I wake up like a mad person every day and run after my kids. But I have the ability to look fabulous even at the age of 45. When you show your grey hair, your belly fat and your stretch marks, someone feels that 'there is someone else like me' and it takes the pressure off them.'

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