Salman Khan's maternal grandfather could not accept Salim Khan, said- religion is not worth accepting

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In Arbaaz Khan's chat show 'The Invincibles', Salim Khan talked a lot about his family life. Often we hear stories about his relationship with Helen, but this time Salim Khan talked about his meeting, love and marriage with Salma Khan (real name – Sushila Charak). He told that he had become famous in arm wrestling and due to this he became friends with Salma. He told that earlier they used to meet in the streets or hiding here and there, but Salim Khan did not like meeting like this.

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He told that he told Salma- I don't want to meet you secretly like this, I want to talk to your parents. On this Salma said- No, this is not possible. Salim Khan insisted and said- This is possible, arrange a meeting. During this, Arbaaz asked how many years your courtship lasted, then Salim Khan told that he was in this relationship for 5 years.

Salim Khan had told Salma- I don't like these secret meetings

Salim Khan further said, 'I told him that I don't like these secret meetings and going here and there. When I went to his house, I felt that all the Maharashtrians from India were at one place. There were so many people there that I never felt so nervous seeing them as I used to be earlier. It felt like a new animal has come to the zoo, let's go see it. The first time was also good for me.'

I told my father-in-law- religion will never be a problem between me and your daughter

He told, 'My father-in-law told me that son, I have heard about you, you are from a good family, you are educated, you have everything, we have no objection because good boys are not available these days, but your religion is not acceptable. At that time I was about 24 years old. I said – Doctor sahab, there may be 1760 problems between your daughter and me, but religion will never be one of them. In fact, there were more than 1760 problems, but there was never any issue on religion.'

Salma's father did not accept this relationship for 10 years

Salim Khan further said, 'Look, we cannot get her married right now, you go and get married and end this matter because we also have the same problem. Then we went and got the marriage registered. Her father did not accept this relationship. No one came from the house for 10 years. Then when Sohail was born, he came to the hospital and went away after seeing him.'

At the end, while dying, father-in-law had said something big to Salim Khan

He told, 'Finally when he (Salma's father) was dying, he said- I will forgive everything, but I will never be able to forgive those 10 years when I did not meet you. He said that whatever you did was good and blessed her to go and be happy.'

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