Salman and Aishwarya's video won the hearts of fans, stars made the general public happy

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Fans are always attracted towards the glamorous world of film stars. People often want to know how the stars they like so much on screen are like in real life. Many times these film stars are caught on camera behaving in a way that their fans do not like. Many times, when big stars are seen meeting common people or talking to them in public, their style attracts people towards them. Today here we are going to tell about some of the top stars from Bollywood to South Film Industry, whose behavior was not like stars but like us and you and because of this they have won the hearts of millions of people on the internet.

Let's start with 'Pushpa' actor Allu Arjun, whose picture on social media is surprising people as much as they are liking it. Actually, in this picture, Allu Arjun is seen eating food not in a five star restaurant but in an ordinary dhaba and his wife is also seen with him.

'Pushpa' actor Allu Arjun was seen eating food in an ordinary dhaba.

Aishwarya Rai was seen talking to the common people in the voting line.

Recently, on Monday, a similar video of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who reached Mumbai to cast her vote for the fifth phase of Lok Sabha elections 2024, surfaced in which she was seen meeting and talking to the general public. Aishwarya was seen standing in the queue to vote and was also talking to people. Fans liked this video very much and praised the style of the actress.

This is how Salman met his disabled fan sitting on a wheel chair.

On Monday, one such video of Salman Khan arriving for voting in the Lok Sabha elections 2024 was much discussed. The actor was seen walking in full swag along with his security and after seeing his disabled fan present in the wheel chair in front, he came in front of him and met him very lovingly. As soon as this video came out, people went crazy about Salman's style.

Yash had reached this small shop to buy candy for his wife.

A few days ago, some pictures of South Cinema superstar Yash were revealed in which he was seen buying his wife Radhika Pandit's favorite ice candy from a local shop. However, when these pictures went viral, the actor told that he has been going to that shop not from today but for the last 10-12 years and buys something or the other from there. These pictures of Yash had made the hearts of the fans happy and these words of his had stolen even more hearts.

Vijay Sethupathi was seen touching the feet of an elderly woman

Vijay Sethupathi also cast his vote in the first phase of voting in Tamil Nadu and what he did during this won the hearts of fans. When he reached the polling booth, he stopped near an elderly woman who was in a wheel chair. Vijay Sethupathi talked to the woman and took her blessings by touching her feet and also took a selfie. Later people lost their hearts due to his style.

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