Saif and Kareena are troubled by the fights between their sons, Taimur bullies younger brother Jeh, the actress said – both of them are brought up…

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Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor Khan opened up about raising her sons, Taimur Ali Khan and Jehangir Ali Khan (Jeh) and also admitted that she finds it 'difficult' to raise both their sons together. The actress told that most of Saif Ali Khan's time is spent in resolving the disputes between Taimur and Jeh, because both of them fight a lot with each other. Taimur is currently seven years old while Jeh turned three years old last month. But, despite their young age, both are already very smart.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke openly about her two children in The Ranveer Show. Kareena also told that Taimur and Jeh fight fiercely. He told that Taimur bullies and harasses his younger brother Jeh a lot. But, even after all this, Jeh does not bow down before Taimur. When Kareena was asked what she tells her sons. So the actress revealed, “Right now, it's just like 'Don't fight each other.' Still, we were at home and I was getting ready (for this interview) and suddenly I heard Saif shouting in a loud voice. He is shouting, 'You will not do this, you will not do this…'

Kareena further said- 'Taimur is now the elder brother so he has his rights. He threatens Jeh, pulls him, even pushes him. Whereas Jeh just tries to show that like 'You can't do this to me…' So right now, Saif and I are alike and wondering what is happening. This is extremely difficult. We didn't think about two boys, this is crazy. But, both of them have very different personalities in themselves. He has a strong personality and you can tell right away. He has his own personality.”

Kareena further said- “My little child is like, 'I am not going to push. This is my room, you will not come into my room. Kareena told that ever since Taimur has watched WWE, like other children, he also wears gloves and attacks Jeh. The personality of both of them kept changing every 15 minutes. All they need is food and they run.

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