Saif Ali Khan is in need of memories after losing 'Jaagir', it is not easy to understand the pain of the actor's heart

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Father… It is a very small word, but it takes ages to understand its meaning. Sometimes it is too late, by the time we understand, that person is far away from our life. Father's departure from this world is like a flood.

Everything is going well in life, then suddenly a flood comes in which the bridges of relationship between you and that person are washed away, broken and leave behind a debris of memories, which is very difficult to collect and start a new life. Losing a father is like a nightmare, sometimes it is even difficult to believe it.

Famous actor Saif Ali Khan, who lost his father at the age of 40, also feels something similar. He also mentioned old memories in an interview some time ago. When Saif remembers his father, he handles his emotions very beautifully. However, it is not easy to overcome this pain. But some good habits like Saif also come in handy. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@kareenakapoorkhan)

feeling of losing a father

Talking about losing someone close is like reliving the moment when he left this world. Many people do not want to talk about this, however after a lot of persuasion, Saif Ali Khan has shared some special moments related to the memories of his father Mansoor Ali Pataudi.

According to the National Herald report, Saif Ali Khan said that after the death of our parents, we remember them and understand their importance and contribution. Then we realize what they were. And we understand how much they thought about us. Let us tell you that Saif Ali Khan's father was a famous cricketer, who passed away in 2011.

It is necessary to accept the truth

Like Saif Ali Khan, there must have been a time in everyone's life when the shadow of the father would have gone from the head. For a moment it is hard to believe how such a big storm came in such a short life. But the best way to come out of this sorrow is to accept the truth. Think about the person you have lost, remember him and repeat in your mind that he is not going to come back, but his good memories will always remain with you.

Relive the memories

Relive the memories

Saif Ali Khan looks at old articles and interviews when he remembers his father. “Whenever I miss him, I keep reading or watching something about 'Tiger' from time to time. Someone has rightly said that when we lose someone close to us, their good memories remain alive in our hearts. This is the best way to connect with them. By reliving good memories once again, we are able to meet our favorite person,” he said in a National Herald report.

Share your feelings

Share your feelings

As long as you keep the memories, they support you, but sometimes if you think too much, they start dominating your mind. That is why you should share your feelings with your friends and family, their support and love gives support. Sharing your heart's feelings and crying together makes you feel lighter.

understand the love of a father

understand the love of a father

It is indeed a very bitter truth that the importance of a person is understood only after his death. Especially many people do not get to know their father in time, because they do not express their love. Therefore, their advice sometimes hurts like sharp stones. However, the new generation of fathers are learning to express love to their children. In such a situation, it is also the responsibility of the children to feel the depth of that love.

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