Rohit's men or Babar's army… who will win the match? Shahid Afridi gave the answer

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The match between India and Pakistan is to be played on 9th June.Both teams will face each other at the new ground in New York.The captain of India is Rohit and the captain of Pakistan is Babar Azam.

New Delhi. The match between India and Pakistan is to be held on June 1 in the World Cup 2024. Every cricket fan is waiting for this match to be held in New York. Babar Azam's army, which defeated Virat and Co. in the 2021 T20 World Cup, is now facing Rohit Sharma's army. However, India has defeated the Pakistan team in the T20 World Cup 2022. Former all-rounder Shahid Afridi believes that both India and Pakistan are the most competitive teams in cricket. The team that handles the pressure better in New York on June 9 will win.

This biggest match of cricket is being held on American soil for the first time and former Pakistan captain Afridi will watch it sitting among the spectators. T20 World Cup ambassador Afridi told ICC, 'Americans who are trying to know about the tournament should know that Pakistan's match against India is like the Super Bowl for us.' Afridi said, 'I loved playing against India and I believe it is the biggest rivalry in the game. When I played in those matches, I got a lot of love and respect from the Indian fans and it means a lot to both the teams.' This former all-rounder said, 'Against India it is about handling the pressure of the occasion. Both teams have a lot of talent, they just need to unite on that day. This will happen in this match and throughout the tournament. The team that keeps its patience will win.'

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West Indies-America is hosting
The T20 World Cup 2024 is to be hosted by the USA and West Indies. The Super-8 and knockout matches will be held in the West Indies. Afridi said that it is difficult to choose a favorite team in the shortest format of the game. The former all-rounder said, “T20 cricket is very unpredictable and teams now have a lot of depth in batting. Your batsman coming at number eight can win the match by scoring runs at a strike rate of 150. I hope Pakistan wins this time but it is difficult to choose a favorite team.”

Pakistan lost to Ireland-England
Pakistan's preparation for the tournament was not very good. The team lost the series against England while also lost the match against Ireland. Afridi said, “Even though their form may lack consistency in 2024, I believe they have all the things to do well in the West Indies and America. The Caribbean conditions will definitely suit them. The team has a lot of talent, especially when you look at the bowling attack that should be successful here.”

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