Re NEET 2024: Matter is heating up, petitions are being filed, will SC hold an urgent hearing on NEET cancellation and re-examination?

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NEET UG 2024 Latest News Today in Hindi: Well But the uproar is continuously increasing. After the central government gave clarification through a press conference, the matter has gained further momentum. Now along with the demand to cancel NEET UG 2024 and re-examination of NEET 2024, the rule of grace marks in NEET has also been challenged. Students, coaching operators, student leaders and student organizations across the country are knocking the doors of the Supreme Court. Protests are taking place on the streets and the opposition is talking about raising the issue of NEET in Parliament.

NEET issue: How the NEET controversy escalated

Ever since the exam is over, petitions are being filed in the Supreme Court regarding NEET. At that time, in view of the NEET paper leak, a demand was made to stop the re-examination and result of NEET. But the court refused to stop the result and said that the hearing on the re-examination will be held in July.

Then the NEET Result 2024 which was to be released on June 14 was suddenly released on June 4 along with the results of the Lok Sabha elections. It was found that 67 students got full marks. All became toppers. When questions were raised, NTA said that about 1600 children have been given the benefit of NEET grace marks rule. Due to which their time was wasted in the exam. Once again a petition was filed in SC – 6 toppers from the same center, allegations of rigging in NEET.

On June 8, the Higher Education Department held a press conference and clarified the NEET case. It said, 'There has been a scam at only 6 centers. A high-level investigation committee of 4 members has been formed under the chairmanship of the former chairman of UPSC. If the recommendation is received, then these 1563 students can appear for the examination again. The NEET exam was conducted in a completely transparent manner at all other centers.'

NEET Grace Marks: Against Normalisation

After this, the number of PILs on NEET started increasing in the Supreme Court. From students to student unions, everyone took to the streets and started protesting. The Doctors Association demanded a CBI inquiry. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is talking about raising the issue of NEET in Parliament. Now the NEET grace marks rule has also been challenged in the Supreme Court. It has been said that it is against the normalization formula of NTA. It also violates Articles 14 and 21 of the Indian Constitution.

Along with this, considering the seriousness of the matter, a request has been made to the Supreme Court for an early hearing. It is possible that the court will hear the NEET case in June itself and give its verdict.

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