Railway Knowledge: How many days before the journey can you book a train ticket?

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Railway Knowledge: How many days before the journey can you book a train ticket?


It is difficult to get confirmed tickets during festival days.
You can book tickets even several months before the departure of the train.
With the start of online ticket booking, getting tickets has become easier.

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New Delhi. Gone are the times when passengers had to visit railway stations or make arrangements with agents to book train tickets. Now you can do ticket booking online sitting at home. But, do you know how many days before your journey you can book train tickets (advance train ticket booking)? Passengers who are aware of the rules book their train tickets well in advance of their journey and are saved from trouble. If you do not know how many days in advance you can book train tickets, then know today.

First of all, know that the facilities, fare and rules for booking tickets are different for each class of train. Every train passenger must be aware of these rules. It is even more important to know how many days before the departure of a train you can book your ticket (Advance Train Ticket Booking). You will be surprised to know that you can book tickets even 120 days before the departure of the train.

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These are the rules of ticket booking
Indian Railways provides the facility to book tickets 120 days i.e. four months in advance so that passengers can easily get a confirmed seat and can be rest assured after booking the ticket. You can book Tatkal train tickets one day before the date of journey. That is, Railways has also kept in mind the need to travel immediately in case of any emergency.

Booking for Third AC and above classes opens every day at 10 am. Sleeper Tatkal ticket booking starts at 11 am. Passengers can book unreserved railway tickets through the UTS app on the day of journey only.

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Rules are different for general tickets
There are two rules regarding buying general tickets. If you want to travel in a general compartment of a train for 199 kilometers, you will have to buy the ticket on the same day. The reason for this is that the general ticket taken for journey up to 199 is valid only for 3 hours. One has to catch the train within 3 hours of purchasing a general ticket. However, for distances of 200 kilometers or more, general tickets can be purchased 3 days in advance.

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