Putin-Jinping brother-brother…will India have to think?

Ronit Kawale
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New Delhi : Russia and China have signed a strategic agreement with each other. This apprehension has been dispelled by Putin's recent visit to China. The two sides signed a joint statement to deepen 'comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation as we enter a new era'. In other words, there is no longer any difference in their strategic positions.

Back to the Cold War?

Russia and China criticized the US for promoting a Cold War mentality and destabilizing global security. One country is Russia which is currently attacking Ukraine, while the other country is China which is repeatedly guilty of intruding into Indian territory. Both also have problems with democratic Taiwan. China continues to threaten Taiwan. They feel that injustice has been done to North Korea.

Two enemies of America came together, tension increased due to Russian President's visit to China, Putin-Xi took oath of 'new era' partnership

new totalitarian axis

Both countries also see themselves as 'stabilizing forces' in a chaotic world. Except that they're responsible for a great deal of the chaos. Obviously, Putin and Xi want to form their own bloc against the West.

Putin reaches China amid Russia-Ukraine war, first foreign trip after becoming President for the fifth time, America-Europe will be irritated

puzzle of india

Revisionist China is India's main strategic rival today, while we have historic defense relations with Russia. But with Beijing and Moscow boosting their defense cooperation, India cannot blindly rely on Russian platforms. The ongoing diversification of weapon systems should be accelerated. This is because in the event of a conflict between India and China, Russia will at best remain neutral or at worst assist Beijing. Also, India still does not have the united strength to fight alone. Therefore, we have to work more closely with the West. Now is the time to reevaluate our strategic relationship with Moscow.

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