Property washed away in Ganga, started scrap business by selling wife's jewellery, now this scrap dealer owns 4 companies

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Sanandana Upadhyay/Baliya: The entire family's home, which had been living in a mud house since childhood, got destroyed in the erosion of the river Ganga. Somehow he completed his studies till intermediate and finally his family got married. Firstly, the miserable condition of the family and on top of that the responsibility of the wife seemed like a mountain of sorrows had fallen. In the end, this man started the scrap business by selling his wife's jewelery and today he has achieved success through scrap which has become a source of inspiration for everyone. This is the story of the famous scrap dealer Karimullah Khan, resident of Baheri, Ballia.

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Karimullah Khan, owner of Almeraj Trading Company, says that the condition of the family was quite pathetic. Everything had merged into the Ganga. Since childhood, I started plowing, pulling bullock carts, carts and buying and selling scrap. I worked very hard and today I have everything from scrap.

This is how the story of businessman Karimullah began
The story of Karimullah Khan, resident of Gaighat in Ballia district, is very interesting and inspiring for everyone. In childhood, due to having a mud house in Dwaba area, the situation became worse after the entire house got merged into the Ganga. Somehow the father worked hard, passed the intermediate and got married on 13 June 1987.

It felt as if a mountain of sorrow had fallen for me. Neither was fully educated nor had any employment. Tried a lot but did not get any employment. Finally, I took a rented house in Baheri of the city, along with my friends, invested some money on interest and some money by selling my wife's jewellery, and started scrap business as a partnership.

Had to pull the cart on the road the whole day
Karimullah Khan tells that I used to buy and sell scrap by pulling a cart all day long and there would be no hesitation in saying that I have got every success through this work. There is every comfort at home but I still do this work and today I have become the owner of four companies. When my brother also joined me, the path of development opened further. The situation was so bad earlier that I once took a loan of Rs 70,000 from Bank of Vadodara against my high school certificate.

Success came from junk
Karimullah Khan tells that I used to live in a rented house in Baheri. Today, I have got many big successes there like my own car, bungalow, money, money, servants, servants and being the owner of four companies. Even today I go to my scrap yard and work myself. I believe that hard work has the power that a man can reach the heights of every development. I myself am a living example of this. I got my finger cut in this scrap work. I still have scars on many places on my body, but behind this great success is scrap work, so even today this work is very important for me.

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