PoK: Gilgit-Baltistan is facing medical, infrastructural crisis due to administration's neglect

Ronit Kawale
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There is a picturesque view of mountains and forests in Chunda village of Skardu district of Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). But according to a report by Skardu TV, a local news channel in Gilgit Baltisatan, it is the people themselves who bear the biggest brunt of the Pakistani administration's inability to build infrastructure for the local people.

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The local people of the village are today struggling to arrange basic facilities for themselves as everything in this village is brought from cities. And due to the dire condition of the roads leading to the village, transportation has become a matter of life and death.

Haji Najaf Ali, a local resident of Chunda, said, “The biggest concern for us is the dire condition of the roads. Since here things have to be brought from cities throughout the year. Due to bad roads transporters do not come to our village or do not charge more. And it becomes even worse during snowfall of winter season. And our political representatives keep making false promises to us and later they forget about our issues.

Explaining the matter further, Ali said, 'Except a small school building, nothing has been built by the government in this village and today that school building has also become very old. Everything you see here is all created by us, through our efforts. The only people who supported us were from various NGOs who organized many things for us.”

“Not having any medical facilities here is the worst situation for us in terms of medical emergencies. We sometimes need to rush our people during critical cases such as when pregnant women are about to give birth and other cases of medical emergencies,” he said in a Skardu TV report.

Another local tea stall owner from Chunda supported the matter and said, “We need a doctor and an ambulance here, because even for small problems and illnesses we are left with no option but to go to big cities . Additionally, no female health worker has been arranged for our village, which causes us major problems.

“We have no teachers for our children, and the school we have in our village is only named a high school. And no attention is being paid to this matter, which is ultimately creating many problems for us villagers. And there are similar issues in other nearby villages which have been ignored,” he said.

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