PM Modi's attire changed in the third swearing-in ceremony, but this one habit has not changed since 2014

Ananya Shroff
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9th June was a very special day for Indians. On this day Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister for the third time. For which a program was organized in Rashtrapati Bhavan. Famous personalities from India and abroad participated in this ceremony and made it even more special. Along with the PM, 30 cabinet ministers also took oath for the development of the country.

Now that everyone's eyes are on Modi's new tenure, his look has also become a topic of discussion this time. This time the PM arrived to take oath in a slightly different style than the last two times, but there was one thing that has not changed since 2014. Let's take a look at his look and also know this. (Photo courtesy: ANI/AP)

Let's look at the clothes first.

Before looking at that habit of the Prime Minister, it is important to look at his clothes. He chooses special clothes for every occasion and in such a situation, his look for the third swearing-in ceremony was very special. Like every time, this time also he was seen in kurta-pyjama. But this time his jacket was different from the last time. Which caught everyone's attention.

This time the whole look was like this

Actually, the Prime Minister had chosen a white kurta with churidar pyjama for this special day. With this, he carried a blue half jacket, which looked quite fabulous. Often you must have seen PM Modi in a bandgala jacket and kurta-pyjama and here too his look looked quite good.

Let us tell you that during the swearing-in ceremony in 2014 and 2019, the PM's look was quite similar. He was seen in a grey jacket with white kurta-pyjama. This time he has changed the colour of the jacket.

Shoes attracted attention

Shoes attracted attention

Now everyone's attention went to PM Modi's clothes, but did you see his shoes? Like every time, this time too Modi was seen in black shoes. This time the color of his clothes definitely changed, but the shoes were the same as before. Actually, PM styled loafer shoes with this look, which look good with every official outfit.

He has worn similar shoes in his first two swearing-in ceremonies. So there is no change in his habit of choosing shoes.

Learn about the loafer

Learn about the loafer

Loafers were first introduced in the 1930s. These were called slip-on shoes, which became very popular among men and women. Not only were their designs simple, but they did not have laces or any buckles. So they could be worn easily without any hassle. And now PM Modi is often seen in such shoes.

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