People disappointed after watching the teaser of 'Mirzapur Season 3', said- 'Mirzapur' is incomplete without Munna Bhaiya

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Fans waiting for the third season of Mirzapur got two good news today on Tuesday. On one hand, its release date was revealed and the icing on the cake was that the teaser of Mirzapur 3 was also released. Now seeing the way people are going crazy about this teaser, the path of the series becoming a hit seems clear. #Mirzapur Season 3 started trending on Twitter. Let's know how people liked this teaser and what people are saying.

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The glimpses of the teaser of the third season have been presented in the powerful voice of Kulbhushan Kharbanda i.e. Bauji. The teaser starts with a dialogue that captivates you as soon as you enter. Bauji is seen saying, 'When a strong male and a nimble female go hunting, the jungle often trembles. But in the jungle, lions face one and a quarter lions and wild cats block the path of clever foxes. Stormy leopards ambush very quickly, but lose to the sharp claws of the ruthless lioness. When the rabbit starts struggling, the hyena starts stumbling, the jackals start growling and the crocodiles start shedding tears, then understand that the injured lion has returned.'

'Mirzapur will no longer be the same without Munna Bhaiya'

However, let us tell you that after watching this teaser, the audience's impatience has increased, and a large number of people are seen saying the same thing. People have said – Mirzapur will no longer be the same without Munna Bhaiya. At the same time, some people have also raised slogans – Munna Bhaiya Amar Rahe.

'Only time will tell how much power this season has'

Another fan wrote, 'Our Munna Bhaiya is amazing. Only time will tell how strong this season is without Munna Bhaiya. Munna Bhaiya.'

'5th July should be declared a national holiday'

One has written- Season 3 will come on July 5, but Munnabhai will not be there. A fan of the series has even written that July 5 should be declared a national holiday. People have said in one voice- Munnabhai was not seen, everything is incomplete without him.

After season 2, Munna Bhaiya's character will not be seen in the third season as well

Let us tell you that it has already been made clear that the character of Munna Bhaiya will no longer be seen in 'Mirzapur 3'. In this series, Divyendu Sharma has appeared in the character of Munna Bhaiya, which was liked by the audience, but after season 2, his character has now been ended in the third season. Divyendu himself had also confirmed this.

The actor said that this character had an impact on his personal life

Divyendu had told how much this character has affected his personal life. He had said that when he was in this character, it was affecting his personality a lot. In a conversation with 'Humans of Bombay', he had said, 'We should not over-romanticize any character. You don't know which zone you are in, but when you come out of it, you realize its darkness.'

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