Pankaj Tripathi replied to Pankaj Jha, said- I don't care

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Pankaj Jha, who was recently seen in 'Panchayat Season 3', had made several sarcastic comments on Pankaj Tripathi. He said that the actor had made a lot of noise about his struggle. Now Kaleen Bhaiya of 'Mirzapur 3' has given his reaction on this. He has given a befitting reply to Pankaj Jha's words. The actor said that he never exaggerated his days of struggle nor did he ever try to do so. He also said that he never intended to impress people. Actually, in an interview, Pankaj Jha had taunted Pankaj Tripathi and said, 'Some people steal someone's slippers and say that he is a very big actor for us, so we stole his slippers.' Pankaj Jha had accused Pankaj Tripathi of doing politics. He said that there are many actors in the film industry who snatch the work of other actors and glamorize their struggle with it.

Pankaj Tripathi's reply to Pankaj Jha

Now in an exclusive interview with India Today, Pankaj Tripathi said, “I never bragged about my journey or my struggles. Yes, I did say that my wife earned and I was looking for work. I never said that I slept outside Andheri station with a towel around my waist. When we came to Mumbai, my life was good and happy. I never tried to glamorise it or get sympathy from it.”

Pankaj Tripathi's slipper incident

Pankaj Tripathi once talked about the slipper incident on 'The Kapil Sharma Show'. He told that when he used to work in a hotel, Manoj Bajpayee came as his guest. The 'Satya' actor had left his slippers in the hotel and being his fan, Pankaj Tripathi took it home as a souvenir. Pankaj Tripathi further said, 'We live our own journey and fight our own battles. When you read or hear these stories, some people may get inspired. And even if they are not inspired, it is not an issue. You just have to live your life the way you want to live it.'

Did Pankaj Tripathi feel bad about what Pankaj Jha said?

He said, 'I am also very influenced by Om sahab (Om Puri), Irrfan or Manoj bhaiya (Manoj Bajpayee). I have definitely taken inspiration from them. Similarly, some people can be inspired by my journey or someone else's. We are all on our own journey and if someone can connect with any part of it, it can't be only in terms of acting and art, it can be in any way.' When Tripathi was asked if he gets hurt by such allegations from co-stars, he said, 'Not at all. I am not a person who gets upset. I am not affected by this noise.'

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