'Panchayat 3's 'Pradhan' Neena Gupta said- We have to express our views with a lot of fear on social media

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Renowned actress Neena Gupta, who has spent nearly four decades in the entertainment industry, has seen many ups and downs not only in her personal life but also in her career. But 'Badhaai Ho' proved to be a turning point for her. Neena, who has played many types of female characters, is now once again seen in a rural avatar in 'Panchayat 3'. Exclusive conversation with her.

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In your latest series 'Panchayat 3', the issue of elections is always hot. There is an election atmosphere in the country too. What are your expectations from the incoming government?

-We just want that whatever happens should be good. Whichever government comes, it should come selflessly. Our country should progress. People should get employment and the country should progress.

You are also popular on social media because of your various posts, but what things should you keep in mind on these platforms in today's time?

-To be honest, I have found a platform where I can express my true feelings about Neena. But despite this, one has to speak on social media with a lot of fear. Now if you have a fight with your husband and you post that, but later you may regret it, then you should post your updates on social media very thoughtfully. Whenever I share a post, I think whether it will harm anyone, whether anyone will feel bad or whether I will feel bad later. You post anything in anger or impulse, the consequences of which can be serious. I think that one should take advantage of social media and be cautious.

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You have been portraying women strongly on screen for a long time. Be it the mother in 'Alvida' or the housewife in 'Vadh', but what do you generally feel uncomfortable about women?

-There is a word, weak, we are weak. I always say that being a woman is very sad, because a woman has to endure a lot. Especially a poor woman. I say that God forbid that any woman has to go through poverty. I want to do a lot for the deprived women of the society, but I am unable to do so. Even in a city like Mumbai, we see women living and sleeping on the streets. Their children keep roaming on the streets. Their condition pricks my heart like a thorn, the worst thing I feel is that I am unable to do anything for them. I am just talking now, but have I done anything for them? This question keeps bothering me.

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Today, many feminist characters are being seen on OTT. What is the definition of feminism for you?

-For me, financial independence is very important. If you are strong from within, you are empowered. What God has given me as a woman, what I can become and what I can create, that is my strength. I have always worked on this strength. Right now I am enjoying this phase of my career and life to the fullest.


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And when did you feel your best as a woman?

-If I talk about my career, then after 'Badhaai Ho', there is a happy chapter in my life. After that, roles started being written keeping me in mind. I had gone through a bad phase in my career, but after that everything changed. If I talk about my personal life, then I was most happy on the birth of Masaba.

Recently on Mother's Day I saw a post about your daughter Masaba, what kind of a mother do you consider yourself to be?

-You will have to ask Masaba about this. You will get to know all the inside information. (Laughs) There is a poem by Maithilisharan Gupt, 'There is milk in the lap and water in the eyes', this is the definition of every mother. A mother is always worried about her children. I believe that a mother's worries and challenges for children increase with their age, but do not decrease. That's why I am always worried about Masaba.


Photo: Neena Gupta, Panchayat, Prime Video

The third season of 'Panchayat' is about to come. How challenging has your rural character Manju Devi been for you?

-People think that I wear glamorous clothes, so I will also like roles, but if you look at my career, I have not done very glamorous roles. I have not played glamorous characters like I wear in real life. Yes, to some extent the character of Manju Devi was challenging for me initially, the reason for this was her language. I worked a lot on the language, tried a lot to catch her dialect, but then this journey was fun for me.

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