Ori shows the first glimpse of Ambani's cruise party, from luxury bedroom to the view of Italian beach

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The pre-wedding celebrations of Mukesh Ambani's son Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant have begun today, 29 May. This cruise with stars and big personalities will cover a distance of 4380 km from Italy to France from 29 May to 1 June and during this time there will be lots of parties, food, drinks, fun and music. The first initial pictures of this function, which is going to start from today, i.e. Wednesday, have come out. These pictures have been shared on his Instagram account by Ori, who attended this event and he is known for having a very close bonding with film stars as well as the Reliance family.

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While leaving for Europe trip, Ori was captured by paparazzi cameras at Mumbai airport. While everyone is talking about Ambani's luxury cruise party, Ori has shared some pictures of the cruise and beach which are from Poetto Italy, Sardinia. Ori has also given a glimpse of his room.

Ori shares glimpses of cruise and Italy

Ori has shared all these glimpses on Instagram story, in which she has captured the sea peeking from her room in the cruise in this picture. There is a bag on the bed, chairs are placed near the windows adjacent to the waves of the sea and with all these glimpses, Ori has written just one thing – Perfect Morning.

First pictures of Ambani cruise party surfaced

Every corner of the cruise ship shown

Apart from this, Ori has shown beautiful glimpses of Italy's Poetto Beach. Apart from this, a video of this cruise is also going viral on social media, in which a lot of firecrackers are seen bursting. Every corner of the cruise is also being shown in these glimpses.

Film stars will add glamour to Ambani's cruise party

Many glimpses have also been shared on the page dedicated to this event from the handle named Ambani Update. It is being told that many celebrities like Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh have been invited to this party, who will be seen adding glamour to this event of Ambani. There is also a discussion that last time Rihanna came to Ambani's party and this time he has invited Shakira, who will be seen spreading the magic of her performance on this cruise.

600 staff have been hired for 800 guests

According to the information received so far, it has been told that about 800 guests have been invited on this cruise, for whose care about 600 employees have been deployed. Every day there will be different types of parties on this cruise which will be theme based. There is also news that a plan has been made to take the stars on a tour of Rome and for lunch.

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