Opinion: Have those who support the woman who slapped Kangana forgotten this video of Rajiv Gandhi?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: It is said that the one who supports the wrong is as guilty as the one who commits the mistake. The act of the CISF jawan who slapped Mandi's new MP Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh airport cannot be justified in any way. It is true that the woman jawan found Kangana's comment on her mother inappropriate, but there are other ways to express anger. For those who do not know what Kangana said that made the CISF jawan so angry, let us tell them. Kangana had said about the farmers sitting in this Kisan Andolan, one of whom was the mother of that woman jawan, that the people sitting in the movement have come for Rs 100 each. Keeping this in mind, that woman vented out all her anger on Kangana yesterday. Revenge and anger could not stop her. Those who justified this incident or raised their voice in its support forgot that in 1984, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her two security guards in revenge or say out of a feeling of vengeance. Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was attacked twice in 1987, although he narrowly escaped death. The first time he was shot at Mahatma Gandhi's Samadhi Sthal and the second time when he was giving a guard of honor in Sri Lanka, a Sri Lankan soldier shot him from behind. Those who support Kulwinder Kaur or clap for her act belong to the same party that has lost its Prime Minister due to this act. Whatever the reason, the dignity and discipline of the uniform must be maintained. Through this article, the incidents mentioned above will have to be repeated in detail, perhaps those who clap for the act of female soldier Kulwinder Kaur will understand. Rajiv Gandhi was attacked twice in a year
Everyone knows that Rajiv Gandhi died in a bomb blast surrounded by common people in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, but very few people know that he was attacked twice in 1987 and 1986. The first attack took place on 31 July 1987 in Sri Lanka. Rajiv Gandhi was in Sri Lanka at that time. He was being given a guard of honor in front of Rashtrapati Bhavan, when a Sri Lankan soldier attacked him from behind with a gun. However, he survived this attack. He had already sensed that someone was coming towards him and he ducked. Thankfully, Rajiv Gandhi's wisdom worked here.

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Two personnel of the Prime Minister's personal security, Mr GS Jamwal and Mr Mohinder Kumar, who were wearing white naval uniforms, grabbed the attacker and pushed him away. Some Sri Lankan security personnel also came forward to help them. He was reported to be from the Sri Lankan Navy. However, unperturbed by the attack, Gandhi completed the inspection of the guard of honour and joined President Julius Jayewardene, his ministers and other dignitaries to bid him farewell under a canopy erected nearby. At the time of the attack, only journalists taking photographs and videos were allowed on the path between Rashtrapati Bhavan and the General Post Office. Then PM Rajiv himself informed the journalists about the attack while returning to the plane. He was asked what hit your back? Was it the butt of a gun? To this Rajiv Gandhi told Hindustan Times that maybe some of your photographers captured it in their cameras.

Rajiv Gandhi further said that when I was inspecting the Guard of Honor and passing by each person, I saw some movement from the corner of my left eye. I saw a gun coming towards me. I bent down a little cautiously. Due to my bending, it avoided my head and the force of the blow hit my shoulder below my left ear. This way the injury was reduced. Exactly 1 year before this, in the month of October, Rajiv Gandhi, who had reached Mahatma Gandhi's Samadhi Sthal in Delhi, was shot at by attackers hiding in the bushes, but he survived.
Indira was assassinated by her two security guards
Those who justify the attack on Kangana, let us also remind them of those who killed Indira Gandhi by her own two security guards. Those memories of Operation Blue Star of 1984 were burning like fire inside Satwant Singh and Beant Singh. Both of them did not let anyone else know that they were going to do something like this on 31 October 1984. Indira Gandhi's first program that day was with English documentary maker Peter Alexander Ustinov. Indira had to shoot his interview that day. Later that day, Indira Gandhi had to meet former Prime Minister of England James Callaghan. In the evening, Indira Gandhi had organized a dinner for British Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. Indira Gandhi was ready for the interview with Peter Ustinov by 7:30 in the morning. She had toast, orange juice, eggs and cereal for breakfast.

When Indira Gandhi reached the gate of 1 Akbar Road and was discussing with RK Dhawan, Narayan Singh was holding an umbrella to protect her from the winter sun. Suddenly, one of her bodyguards Beant Singh fired at her with his gun. The bullet hit him in the stomach. Beant Singh fired two more bullets in his chest. The other attacker Satwant Singh was standing nearby holding his carbine. Satwant Singh soon emptied all the 25 bullets, most of which had penetrated Indira Gandhi's body. Rameshwar Dayal was hit by a bullet and fell down. RK Dhawan and a policeman Dinesh Bhatt took Indira Gandhi to her Ambassador car. Her political secretary Makhanlal Fotedar was also present. They all took Indira Gandhi to AIIMS, which was not yet informed of the incident. Indira Gandhi could not be saved during treatment.

Those who are supporting, what fire are you adding fuel to?
You may not like Kangana Ranaut's behaviour and being an actress, but now she is an MP. She also has some dignity. Today Kulwinder Singh Kaur slapped him after being hurt by his statement on her mother. People who clap and laugh at such incidents are adding fuel to a big fire tomorrow. Someone deployed in security can set fire, suddenly kill or attack a leader or minister. You can support the security personnel just because the victim is an MP or minister and your opinion does not match with him. There are other ways to express displeasure and anger, the only difference is which way you have chosen.

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