Opinion: Children give the exam by shedding blood and sweat, doubts on NEET will cost the government heavily

Ananya Shroff
3 Min Read

Papa, I can give 100%, right? What is the guarantee that there will be no cheating next time? As far as I am concerned, I will try again. I am also confident that I will be able to make up for this deficiency next time. This time I missed by very few marks, right? But now I am afraid that I may lose a year. This is the pain of a student who lagged behind by a few marks in the NEET exam. The father asked that NEET has not been declared, what will you do now? To this the son says that he is afraid. Why? Because the result released by NTA clearly shows that everything is not right. Now it is becoming difficult for the father to explain that it is not necessary that any cheating has happened. It is also not necessary that if it has happened this time, it will happen next year too. After all, how many reports of cheating were there in the NEET result before this? The father may be trying to explain to the child, but while answering he himself is getting entangled in questions. He too is troubled by his son's questions – what if cheating happens in the exam next year too? What if the NTA again releases misleading results citing one reason or another?

Anyone can guess the level of the exam in which three to four lakh candidates take admission every year. The number of candidates is increasing year by year. And the chances of failing are also increasing. The seats in government medical colleges are the same 55 thousand, but students are joining at the rate of up to four lakh every year. After all, how much hard work can one do? What will happen if there is a criterion of talent? On top of this, there is also the issue of reserved and unreserved. Those who are not in the ambit of reservation have to go through a different kind of labyrinth.

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The cost of coaching, at least two years of hard work and when there is a suspicion of fraud in the result, then morale is bound to break. Dreaming of clearing NEET is not an economical task, one has to work hard for it. Imagine what the students who prepare diligently must be going through when they get the news of fraud! Those who could not clear NEET are worried, those who passed are scared that the exam may get cancelled and they may have to give the exam again. Those who failed are worried, those who passed are surprised. And who is responsible for this situation? Government! Are you listening? We want answers.

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