One gets relief from stress and phobia in Mana-chamber, more than 800 patients arrived in 2 months

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Durgesh Singh Rajput/Narmadapuram. The number of patients coming to the mental ward of Narmadapuram District Hospital has increased in the last two months. We are not saying this, but the figures of patients coming to the hospital are testifying to this. These patients include students, youth and housewives. Some suffer from phobia and some suffer from depression. Questions are also being asked – Is it wrong to wash hands frequently? Why go to the mind room for headaches? am I insane? Is it madness to be happy?

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The doctors posted in the mental ward of the district hospital are struggling with such questions every day. In fact, in the last two months, 801 patients have come to Man Room for treatment. The special thing in this is that the number of men among them is more. Dr. Sajun Singh Sengar, District Nodal Officer of the Mental Health Program, told PressNews24 that people coming to Man Room for treatment is an indication that people have become more health conscious than before. People's hesitation has gone away. In January, 340 people had reached Mana Kachar. Of these, 141 were women and 199 were men. In February, 461 people reached Mana Kachar, which included 203 women and 258 men.

Due to which the mental condition deteriorates

  • phobia: This is a type of psychosis. There is concern in this. The person starts being afraid of particular objects, situations etc. These things create panic or fear in the person.
  • Tension: Stress is triggered by depression or a disturbing event. A person becomes a victim of stress due to bereavement, breakup of relationships, loss of job, adverse circumstances in life, loneliness.
  • Anxiety: This is such a mental health problem in which due to excessive worry, restlessness or fear, the person faces great difficulty in doing everyday tasks. The patient suddenly becomes more nervous or panics. Many times in such a situation a person causes harm to others also.
  • OCD: This is post-traumatic stress disorder. In a way, a person becomes obsessed with anything. Apart from this, many types of symptoms are seen like frequent hand washing, excessive cleaning etc., which are abnormal.

Patients reported problems
PressNews24 spoke to a 40-year-old Housing Board resident. He told that I have a marketing job. There is always more target pressure in this. Also, there is always a fear of losing the job. Due to this, I was facing problems like restlessness, headache as well as insomnia. He was shown in the mental room of the district hospital. Then there was relief. A 45-year-old woman living in the city's LIG Colony told Local18 that she was suffering from headache for a few days. I have got relief after treatment in Manachambhar. Now I am able to sleep and also got relief from headache.

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