Old age will run away from you, these 5 yogasanas will remove the aging signs and make you young

Ananya Shroff
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We eat and apply so many things, why? So that we look young as we grow older. Sometimes we apply different brands of creams, sometimes we eat fruits and vegetables that are beneficial in reducing the signs of aging from our face.

If we tell you that without applying or eating anything, you can reduce wrinkles from your face and keep your skin young forever! For this, you will have to take out some time from your daily routine and do these 4 yogasanas told by us every morning.


Sarvangasana increases blood circulation in our face, which nourishes the skin, cures wrinkles and reduces fine lines. Apart from this, this asana helps in improving digestion, reducing stress and strengthening bones. Let's know how to do it

  • If you are doing Sarvangasana for the first time, then first of all lie down on your back on the ground.
  • Now lift your legs up and place your hands on your waist for support.
  • Lift your legs up and then return to your first position.
  • Now repeat this 5-6 times.


This asana protects the skin from many types of disorders. Bhujangasana purifies the blood as well as supplies oxygen to the brain. It is also very beneficial in reducing the signs of aging and increasing the glow of the face.

  • To do this, first lie down on your stomach.
  • Now keep the palms of both the hands at shoulder level.
  • After this, lift the front part of your body upward and bend backward.
  • Now bend your body backward and lie down on the ground in the first position.
  • While doing this asana, when you go up, inhale and when you come down, exhale.

Kissing pose

Kissing pose

Kiss pose is a type of face yoga that helps in reducing facial fat as well as reducing the increasing size of the skin. It is also very easy to do.

First, make your mouth like a pout and stay like that for 3 minutes. After making a pout with your lips, keep your neck forward and stay like that for at least 10-15 seconds.

Balloon Pose

Balloon Pose

If you want to reduce your wrinkles in a very easy way, then definitely do the balloon pose. It is very beneficial for our facial muscles. It works to tighten loose skin, improve blood circulation and reduce wrinkles. It is very easy to do-

  • First, bring your lips into a pout shape.
  • After that, do not open your mouth without moving for 10-15 seconds.
  • Hold your breath and exhale when the time is up.

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