Oh Lord, Oh Harinath… now even the 'roof of the world' is jammed, watch the video

Ronit Kawale
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New Delhi: Wherever you go, there is always a crowd… You must have heard people say this many times or have felt it yourself. But did you ever think that the world's highest peak Mount Everest would also be crowded? If you thought that this would not happen then you were wrong. In the last few years, the number of climbers on Everest has increased a lot, due to which a situation like crowd and jam has arisen there. The pictures and videos going viral on social media confirm this claim. In these pictures, hundreds of climbers are seen standing in a line behind each other, as if they are on the road of a busy city. After seeing these pictures, some people have said that people have made Dadar station. Some people say that how can such a huge crowd gather at such a height and difficult path.

There have been many accidents on Everest in recent times. These include falling pieces of ice and scuffles between climbers. A British climber, a Kenyan and a Nepalese climber have also died in these accidents. A guide is also missing. British climber Daniel Patterson and his Nepalese guide Pas Tenji Sherpa have been missing since the snowfall on May 21. Many videos have surfaced, which show that there was a lot of crowd on the road even before the accident.

The result of overcrowding is that climbers have to spend longer periods of time in the death zone (area above 8,000 meters altitude). Due to less oxygen, the risk of altitude sickness and hypothermia increases. Some time ago, there was a violent clash on Everest. This incident was the result of overcrowding and increasing tension. The mountains are also being damaged due to the increasing number of climbers.

Now the question is whether the number of permits for climbing Everest should not be limited. Inexperienced climbers should not be stopped. Tourism companies should not follow better measures of crowd management and safety. Also, it needs to be understood that climbing the peak of Everest is a matter of honour, not a matter of show-off.

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