Now the government will run in true sense, strong opposition will also tighten the reins… Understand the meaning of 2024 election results

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : The results of the Lok Sabha 2024 general elections have come and no single party has got an absolute majority. While in 2014 and 2019, BJP was easily getting a big majority on its own strength, this time BJP remained away from the majority and this time NDA government will be seen forming in the true sense. Political analysts say that after the last ten years, PM Narendra Modi has the experience of running a coalition government for the first time and its political impact will also be seen in Parliament. It should be expected that in the coming five years, there will be meaningful discussions in Parliament and the public will get the benefit of it.

Employment and inflation cannot be ignored

Professor Sanjay Kumar of the Center for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) said in a special conversation with NBT that the mandate of 2024 is the real victory of democracy. This is also a message for all the parties. There is also a message for BJP in this. He said that the public has expressed a clear opinion for BJP that the issues related to them cannot be ignored. According to BJP, issues like temple, Article 370 have definitely done a great job but all these have their place but issues related to the daily life of the public should also be given importance. Ignoring issues like unemployment, inflation can be harmful for you, which is being seen right now.

The way we saw earlier that there was no long discussion in making laws, in passing many bills. Many times one-sided decisions were taken, now there will be healthy debate and discussion in the Parliament. Overall this is a good mandate. There is a message for all the parties. Now the question is how the parties read that message, now it is their responsibility to read that message and implement it.

Prof. Sanjay Kumar, CSDS

This mandate is a victory for democracy

If we talk about the opposition, the message for the opposition is that if you keep raising the issues of the public, the public will support you and the way Samajwadi Party, Congress and other parties have performed well, in a way it will boost their morale. In response to a question from NBT, Prof. Kumar said that this mandate is the victory of democracy. Its other aspect is that now there will be a majority government in the new Lok Sabha as well, majority government means there will be an NDA coalition government but at the same time a strong opposition will also stand there. Due to this, the system of running the country's government will be seen running more smoothly.

BJP will run a coalition government in true sense

Political analysts say that for the first time after ten years, BJP will run a coalition government in the true sense. There was a coalition government earlier too but BJP had its own majority. In a way, PM Modi will have the experience of running a coalition government for the first time. All the coalitions will have to be taken along. Along with the opposition, the allies will also have to be taken along. For this reason, it can be said that this time there will be more rounds of talks. To run a coalition government, there will have to be regular consultation and communication with the coalition parties. The role of the opposition will also be important.

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