Now that you have made plans for the summer, visit those hill stations near Greater Noida which have no comparison.

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Actually, when it is very hot, people are afraid to go out. It is best for them to stay at home as much as possible. But there are some people who enjoy traveling the most in summer. And most people choose hilly places, if you tell them about any offbeat hill station, they can go there too. But many people know very little about the hill stations around them, due to which they do not understand where to go. If you live around Greater Noida, then let us tell you about some of the best hill stations.

Hidden Treasure of Uttarakhand – Sattal

Are you fond of hill stations? So let's know about Sattal, the most beautiful but less visited hill station of Uttarakhand. This beautiful place is often hidden in fog, but when the clouds clear, people are amazed to see the blue sky, dense green forests and turquoise Sattal lake. Whether you want to enjoy boating or kayaking in the lake, go on an exciting trek in the forest or relax in your hotel, Sattal has it all.
Distance from Greater Noida to Sattal: Approx 313 km

Kasauli: The Queen of Hills

Kasauli, which was the summer capital of the British until recently, has become a very popular hill station today. The specialty here is the Gothic structure of the churches, which looks amazing. The view of snow-clad hills amidst dense forests is such that it captivates the mind. This beautiful hill station is also in the news these days for pre-wedding shoots. If you are planning to visit Kasauli, then definitely visit one place – Kasauli Brewery! This is the oldest working factory making Scotch whisky.
Distance from Greater Noida to Kasauli: Approx 352 km

a place as quiet as a teal

a place as quiet as a teal

If you are looking for a beautiful hill station to visit in summer, then put Chail in Himachal Pradesh on top! Adorned with tall pine and deodar trees all around, this place looks amazing, but people love the peace here the most. This place is also wonderful for trekking, or if you want, you can also relax in the lap of nature. A must-see here is the Chail Cricket Stadium, which is located at the highest point in the whole of India!
Distance from Greater Noida to Chail: Approx 401 km

McLeodganj is also a good place

McLeodganj is also a cool place

Perfect for a weekend getaway, the recently opened cute cafes are perfect for posting pictures on Instagram. It is a very small town, so you can walk to almost every cafe or monastery you can visit. The most famous trek here is the Triund trek, where people from far and wide come for trekking. This place is also good for a family trip.
Distance from Greater Noida to McLeodganj: Approx 540 km

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