Now democracy will come inside the party…not only the government but the election results will change a lot in BJP too

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The results of the Lok Sabha elections will not only change the government but many changes will also be seen within the BJP. Discussions have started in the organization regarding this. The term of the party's national president JP Nadda was completed in January and he is currently on extension. The process of change in the BJP can begin after the formation of the government. According to sources, the focus will be on strengthening the organization. A senior BJP leader who is also a former Chief Minister said in an informal conversation that 'now democracy will come within the party.

'Now the party will listen to everyone'

The system of speaking openly inside the party had stopped, but now it seems that everyone's opinion will be heard, which is good for the party. According to sources, some old senior leaders of the party also gave the message to the people of the Sangh to take steps to ensure democracy inside the party. A leader said that if the party moves from 'I' to 'we' then the party will become stronger. People associated with the Sangh also said in informal talks that 'the government can never run the organization. The government is different and the organization is different. When the government starts considering itself as an organization, then this situation is not right.' A leader said that it is necessary for the organization to work separately from the government and he believes that now the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh will try its best for this. A Sangh pracharak said, 'Is there a need to remind that BJP is an affiliate organization of the Sangh?'

Why are UP and MP completely opposite?

BJP has suffered a big setback in UP, while in Madhya Pradesh BJP has performed better than the last Lok Sabha elections. If BJP is in power in both the states, then why are both of them facing each other? When we talked to different BJP leaders and senior workers who visited these states during the elections regarding this question, they told that the organization has become very weak in UP. Sharing his experience, a leader said, 'When the workers' meeting was being called during the elections in UP, it was understood that the organization has become weak. There is no enthusiasm among the workers.' Whereas the situation in Madhya Pradesh is the opposite. An official who has worked in Madhya Pradesh told that BJP workers in Madhya Pradesh are very strong. They are completely connected with the ideology. The workers there consider themselves ahead of the national level people in terms of ideology and dedication towards the party.

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