Not only Covishield, there is danger for those getting Covaxin also, side effects seen in one out of every three.

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New Delhi : A study has shown that one-third of the people who took the corona vaccine Covaxin faced side effects. The study said 1 in every 3 people who took Covaxin experienced mild problems within a year after receiving the vaccine. These problems are generally considered to be some of the side effects of the medications. The study has been published in the academic journal Drug Safety, published by Spingler International.

Reported side effects mainly include upper respiratory tract infections, skin problems, and musculoskeletal problems (bone and joint problems). The study claims that menstrual abnormalities were seen in 5 percent of women taking Covaxin, the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech.

The study comes after pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca admitted that its Covid vaccine could cause blood clotting problems in very rare cases. The AstraZeneca vaccine was also produced in India under the name Covishield, which was manufactured by the Serum Institute of India. Covaxin was the most commonly used Covid vaccine in India after Covishield.

In this study, researchers contacted 926 Covaxin recipients from the Institute of Medical Sciences and asked them about any problems they experienced after a year of the vaccine. According to the study, 48% of adolescents (304) and 43% of adults (124) suffered from viral infections (colds etc.) during the year.

Bharat Biotech Company says on this study that in such safety related studies, it is important to keep many types of data in mind to give correct information and avoid any kind of bias.

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