Not Miss, but Mr. IRS… Finance Ministry's historic decision on gender change

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: A female officer posted in Hyderabad has become a male by undergoing gender change. This officer has also changed her name. Now the name of this officer has been changed from M Anusuya to Anukaathir Surya. This decision has also been approved by the Finance Ministry. The Union Finance Ministry has approved the appeal of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer to change the name and gender. This has happened for the first time in the history of the Indian Civil Service. According to the order, Ms. M Anusuya, IRS had sought permission from the ministry to change her name to Anukaathir Surya and gender from female to male, which has been approved.

The ministry order said the officer's request was considered and approved. “The request of Ms M Anusuya was considered. Henceforth this officer will be identified as Mr M Anukaathir Surya in all official documents,” the order said.

Many senior officials have also praised this decision. Officials say that this is an unprecedented order. We are also proud of the officer and our ministry. This order has been sent to all Principal Chief Commissioners / Principal Directors General under the Chief Commissioner, Customs, Excise, Service Tax Appellate Tribunal and CBIC.

Many types of approvals have to be taken before gender change. Once a person decides to change gender, he has to prepare an affidavit for it. Information about gender change has to be given through this affidavit. In this notarized affidavit, information related to name, father's name, age and gender has to be given. If someone is working in a government department, then he also has to inform his concerned officer and department about this.

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