'No wave, wherever he went…people just want change', exclusive interview of Sachin Pilot

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Special Correspondent, New Delhi: 'After the fifth phase of elections, the uneasiness is clearly visible in BJP and NDA. His claim of crossing Rs 400 seems to be true. Wherever I went in the country, I saw an atmosphere of change on the ground. One thing that is emerging from this long election is that there is no wave at the moment. People just want change. This was said by the young face of Congress and party general secretary Sachin Pilot, who came to participate in Presswire18 Times' regular program 'Samvad' on Monday. While talking to the NBT team, Sachin openly discussed many issues including the current political scenario, election issues, reservation, polarization and BJP's claims of crossing 400, India, Congress and its manifesto. Sachin says that the results of June 4 will bring a good message for India and Congress. Sachin says that if Congress's manifesto was discussed the most in this election, it was because Congress fulfilled what it said. He can also taunt whether some credit for the discussion of Congress manifesto also goes to BJP. Here are the highlights of that conversation:

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You are traveling across the country in connection with elections. What election trends are you seeing on the ground?

The fifth phase of voting has taken place in the country. Uneasiness and nervousness are visible in BJP and NDA. Gradually a mood for change is developing. It seems to be a similar thing in North India that in the states where BJP is in government, there is an anti-incumbency wave. BJP has reached maximum seats in different states, now its decline has started. This is a long election, in which one thing is emerging. That this time no major issue is effective. The big thing is that people want change, want a new government. In all the states he visited, India Alliance candidates were ahead. Is. I will not say that it will cross 400 like BJP, but I will definitely say that on June 4, there will be better results for Congress and the alliance.

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If you are talking about change, then why is this change visible? What issues did you see on the ground?

There are many such things, which are directly related to the common people, where people are troubled. There is a lot of anger about Agniveer. Most of the recruits from villages go to the army. BJP has ruled for ten years, needs five more years. It is a contradiction that the army people got four years and the government got fifteen years. Inflation and unemployment are big issues. People do not consider these as issues, but these are issues for the poor and low income groups. Small farmers and people with low income cannot support their children. In 2014, when the government was to be formed, BJP had said that we will bring back black money, end unemployment, double the income of farmers, the government has failed on all parameters. People, now is the time to talk about temple and mosque on religious issues when you have failed in performance and governance. All these things are in people's minds.

NDA has PM Modi, while what option does the opposition have? If the opposition wins, who will be your face?

We have a parliamentary election system, where the individual is not very important. When the opposition contested the elections in 2004, it did not declare any face. As soon as the mandate is received, it will be decided within a day who will be given what responsibility. Let us decide today who will be the PM and who will be the Home Minister, it has no meaning. No one is eager to get a position in our alliance. Today the opposition is fighting on issues that are important for the country – for example, opposition parties came together on issues like tax terrorism, Agniveer, sealing of accounts of major parties during elections, putting two elected chief ministers in jail. Are. We have come together for democracy.

BJP made several attacks on the manifesto of Congress. What was the reason that Congress could not take its manifesto among the people on the ground?

There are so many parties fighting in the elections, but only the manifesto of Congress is being discussed, so we want to give some credit to BJP also. Congress is the first party which talked about making a law on MSP. BJP did not fulfill even the promises it made to the farmers. We have decided that we will make a law on MSP. Will waive off the loans of farmers. We said that we will cancel Agniveer and start the old recruitment scheme. We will provide financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh to every poor family. Congress manifesto has been written. No one knows what is in the BJP manifesto. There are catchphrases there. It is our history that employment laws have been made in our country. In 2014, BJP had made fun of MNREGA. Right to information, right to employment are our gifts. People compare the tenure of both. When BJP was in opposition, it first opposed FDI in retail, at that time it opposed becoming a part of DBT, GST, WATO and did something after the government was formed. The changes that took place in 1991 are still bearing fruit today. What BJP said while in opposition and what it did after coming into government is in front of everyone.

Who benefits from less voting? Market experts do not need to read much into the voting percentage.

When you talk about change, where do you see the biggest advantage for Congress?

In the states where there is a direct contest between BJP and Congress, this time the strike rate of Congress will be better than the last election. Secondly, those who were deeply influenced by the speeches and politics of the BJP or its leaders and the enthusiasm with which they voted in their support, may also be tired. That is why there is tension in BJP. Congress is the largest party in the Bharat alliance. India Alliance will benefit from the better performance of Congress. BJP has won the maximum number of seats in different states. Now their decline has begun.

The party is giving you many responsibilities. What do you see your role in Congress?

Whatever responsibility was given to me in the party, I fulfilled it. There has been interest in building unbreakable relationships with party leaders. It is important to understand the problems of workers at the grassroots level. There are people in contact with me across the country. Wherever I go, I campaign vigorously. There are other people like me working hard. This is the result of collective hard work. The party gave me many posts, thanks to the party for this. My focus, my workplace is Rajasthan. There are still four years and six months left for the upcoming elections, but Congress will form the government there. For this, we will work in that direction to strengthen the party again in the coming times.

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There has been a consensus on caste census in the manifesto, BJP's retort on this is whether minorities will be given quota in it? There were communication problems in delivering messages several times in 2014 and 2019, shouldn't the same mistake happen this time too?

Regarding the census, I want to clarify that our manifesto is printed, not oral, it is written. There is no mention anywhere that reservation will be given on the basis of religion, this is not possible in the Constitution. I want to reject the allegations that BJP wants to make. But in this country, there is no need to look at religion, caste, gender, language to help any deprived, poor or person who is different from the mainstream. Everyone has equal rights. Allegations are made based on religion. Congress has neither ever said nor wants to say that religion will come into reservation. This country belongs to everyone, equal rights have been given. We say that no matter who is forward, backward or Sikh, if he is out of the mainstream then it is the constitutional responsibility of our government to bring him back. BJP repeatedly raises the issue that if Congress comes, it will take away your buffalo and your house. This shows his frustration. There is nothing like this, it is clearly written in our manifesto.

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