Netra Yoga: Eyesight will improve, glasses will be removed, dark circles and wrinkles will also go away, thousands got the benefit.

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Radhika Kodwani/Indore: The most effective part of the human face are the eyes. In this changing lifestyle, there is awareness among people about fitness, but even today people are careless in the matter of eyes. Today we will tell you how to keep your eyes healthy, which will not only reduce dark circles and wrinkles, but will also keep your eyesight intact.

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Kolkata's ophthalmologist Dr. Somnath Pal told Local 18 that eye problems have become common after Corona, so now there is a need to pay special attention to it. People are in need of glasses and operations. There are chances of regaining eyesight with this yoga. This also strengthens the muscles around the eyes and by increasing blood circulation, dark circles are removed.

Brain becomes stronger and concentration increases
The doctor told that the eye muscles are connected to some parts of the brain. Yoga works to strengthen and activate these muscles. In such a situation the mind also becomes stronger. Concentration increases. This increases mental peace. Doctor Pal says that in about 15 years, more than 40 thousand people were treated with eye yoga. 60 percent have benefited from this. Now the focus is more on children because they are studying digitally. He has just been fitted with glasses of increased size. People suffering from diabetes and other diseases also get better eyesight. Provided that their disease is treated at the right time.

Do eye yoga like this
The doctor told that in eye yoga, palms have to be kept on the eyes for some time.
Blinking: In this, blinking of eyelids has to be done continuously for some time.
Focusing: Focusing has to be done by moving the pupils of the eyes to the edges.
Rotation: The pupils of the eyes have to be rotated for some time.
Up-Down: The pupils of the eyes have to be moved up and down continuously for some time.

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