NEET Exam: 'Now I am starting to feel scared…', why are children saying this about NEET, here is the answer

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Latest News on NEET: Well The result of NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) has become a big issue for the youth of the country. Demands are being raised across the country from re-examination (re NEET) to closure of National Testing Agency (NTA). NEET Result 2024 has raised many serious questions, for which students and their parents are seeking answers. Talking about many facts like 67 students on All India Rank in this pre-medical exam, 6 topper students from the same center, grace marks to 1563 and before this NEET paper leak in Bihar, Gujarat, students have raised many questions on NTA.

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NEET Re Exam: NEET rank fell to 25000 in two years

Ghaziabad student Vikrant Rajawat, who has been preparing for NEET for three years, is ready to give NEET again at any cost. He says, “My score is 650/720. According to the trend of the last few years, I should have easily got any good government college. But my rank is around 30 thousand, in which I will not get any good college.”

The fees of private colleges go up to Rs 1.5-2 crore, so my family cannot afford it, so I am giving NEET for the third time. Based on my score, the rank last year was around 7 thousand and in 2022 around 6 thousand. So how did the cutoff go so high this time? I want NEET to be held again. There should be no paper leak, cheating, manipulation. For me it is a question of the future of lakhs of students. The government should realize how much stress the students are under.

Re NEET 2024: There will be problems, still we will give NEET exam again

Harsh Dubey, a student from Kanpur, is also unhappy with his rank and NEET result. He had got 627/720 marks while his rank was around 50 thousand. Harsh says, this was shocking because with so many marks the rank comes between 6 to 8 thousand. Last year I had 100 marks less, but still got the same rank. At first it seemed that the cutoff had gone up but later it was known that there were 67 toppers. Then many students started saying that they had got 718, 719 marks. Whereas this does not fit in the mathematical calculation of NEET because here 4 marks are given for the right answer and 1 mark is deducted for the wrong answer.

Then when there was a lot of protest, NTA talked about grace marks. Whereas the rule of grace marks was made for CLAT exam in 2018, which cannot be applied in NEET or JEE. What kind of system is this, what is the preparation? NEET should be held again. Yes, we will face problems. But even if this does not happen, there will be tension. Many students' year will be wasted.

Even if NEET is held again, there will be problems

Despite scoring very good in NEET, the rank of Delhi resident Nimay Rastogi is surprising. Nimay says, I got 714 marks out of 720, but my rank is 254. When the issue of increase in marks was raised, I realized. If NEET is held again, many students will not be able to score good marks because there will be pressure. They will have to study the same amount for the exam again, revision will again be a difficult task. Preparing for medical entrance in such a competition is a huge task for the students.

NEET 2024: One number in OMR, another in result

Many students have also reported different marks in the OMR sheet and the result. A student from Delhi said, my NEET result has 610 marks as per the OMR sheet. But the result I received has 600 marks. I have mailed NTA but did not get any reply.

Students are also raising questions on releasing the result so soon without any information. They say that the NEET result was suddenly released on June 4 instead of June 14, the day of the Lok Sabha election results, because there could have been a ruckus over this result. NTA knew this.

A student from Delhi says, “It is clear that there has been rigging. NTA is denying that the paper was leaked in Bihar, whereas 12-13 people have been arrested. If the paper was not leaked, then why the arrests? NTA first talked about grace marks for one centre, then for four states. Why is the government not concerned about the students?”

NEET exam: Now I am starting to get scared

Akash Swaroop, who is preparing for NEET Exam 2024, says, “I have been preparing for it since class 10th. My family cannot afford the fee of Rs 2 crore. So I study for it for 4-5 hours every day. But now I am scared. The way NTA is conducting the exam, seniors are under stress, there are reports of suicides, many times I think should I give up my dream of becoming a doctor?”

The case of 6 toppers from the same centre is also surprising the students. They say that this time the NEET paper was easy, but not so easy that 67 toppers emerged. Apart from this, the case of 6 toppers from the same centre is also surprising, whereas this centre is not the hometown of every student.

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