Naidu, Nitish… Modi got angry with everyone's words and said this big thing in return, know in 10 points what happened in the NDA meeting

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New Delhi: At the NDA Parliamentary Party meeting Narendra Modi He was formally elected as the leader of the NDA parliamentary party. During this time, the NDA constituents also gave a message of unity. Modi assured the alliance partners that the BJP has always followed the coalition dharma. The BJP is constantly repeating that history has been made after 60 years. Every leader has said many times that for the first time after 1962, a leader is becoming the Prime Minister for the third time. That is, for the first time after Nehru, a record is being made. Even on the day of the results, when Narendra Modi addressed the party workers at the BJP headquarters, he also mentioned 'for the first time after 1962'.

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1. Message of unity

In the NDA Parliamentary Party meeting and even before that, all the constituent parties tried to give the message of being united and united. BJP leaders said that everyone is together and there is no confusion about anything. Even though almost all the NDA allies want an important role in the government, before the NDA Parliamentary Party meeting, no leader or MP of any party said anything openly. Almost all the parties said that they are supporting Narendra Modi. Reminiscing the era of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Rajnath Singh said that BJP always follows coalition dharma and this has been the tradition of BJP. He said that coalition is not a compulsion for us but a commitment.

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2. Rajnath Singh proposed the name

In the meeting of NDA Parliamentary Party, Rajnath Singh proposed the name of Narendra Modi for the post of leader of NDA Parliamentary Party. Rajnath said that for the first time after 1962, a leader is going to become the Prime Minister of India for the third consecutive time. He said that we are fortunate that we are going to get a public welfare and sensitive Prime Minister like Modi. Rajnath said that I propose the name of Narendra Modi as the leader of the party's parliamentary party, leader of NDA's parliamentary party and leader of Lok Sabha. After this, Amit Shah supported this proposal. Nitin Gadkari also supported the proposal. Leaders of all the allied parties including JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy, TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu, JDU leader Nitish Kumar supported the proposal.

3. Everyone said- the government will last for five years

Amit Shah supported Narendra Modi's proposal and said that there is a demand from every side that Narendra Modi should lead the country for the next five years. BJP leaders and leaders of alliance parties are also constantly saying that the government will run for five years. In fact, from the day of the results, the leaders of the Indian alliance are directly and indirectly saying that this government will not be formed or even if it is formed, it will not complete its term.

4. Naidu said- Modi is fulfilling NTR's vision

On the other hand, BJP's allies are continuously praising Modi, showing unity. Praising Modi, Chandrababu Naidu said that the PM never rested. He worked continuously in Andhra Pradesh and the rallies there contributed significantly to our victory in Andhra Pradesh. Naidu also thanked Amit Shah and other ministers for campaigning in Andhra Pradesh. Naidu also mentioned Modi's vision 2047 and said that we have full faith in the vision and it will be fulfilled. Naidu said that Narendra Modi is fulfilling NTR's vision.

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5. Nitish targeted the opposition

JDU leader and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said that Modi served the country for 10 years and there is full faith that he will complete whatever is left. We will be with him completely. Nitish said- When you come next time, those people who have won here and there (opposition people) will also lose. Nitish targeted the opposition that these people talk nonsense and they have not served the public till date. Nitish told Modi that this is what has happened because you have served so much. You have given this opportunity, after this there will be no scope for those people (opposition). The country will move forward and Bihar's work will also be done. Eknath Shinde said that the opposition tried to mislead the people of the country by spreading false narratives and the country has rejected them. Chirag Paswan said that the NDA has won only because of Modi.

6. An attempt will be made to build consensus

Addressing the NDA MPs, Modi said that in the history of Indian politics, no pre-poll alliance has ever been as successful as the NDA. This is the victory of the alliance, we have achieved a majority. He said that majority is necessary to run the government but consensus is necessary to run the country. The countrymen have full faith that we will continuously strive for consensus and will leave no stone unturned to take the country forward. NDA has completed three decades, this journey gives a message of great strength. Modi said that this alliance has successfully completed three terms of five years each and the alliance is entering the fourth term. Modi also mentioned Prakash Singh Badal, Balasaheb Thackeray, George Fernandes, Sharad Yadav and said that the seed they had sown has become a banyan tree.

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7. This was not an election statement, it was a commitment: Modi

Modi said that I had said earlier also that the work done in 10 years is just a trailer. This was not an election statement but a commitment. We will work faster. We will do more than before. Modi said- NDA- New India, Developed India, Aspiring India. This is our resolve and we also have a roadmap. Modi said that NDA has given a corruption free and reform oriented government. Whereas UPA which has now changed its name, its identity is scams. Even after changing the name, the country has not forgotten their scams and has rejected them. The people of NDA alliance moved with the agenda of opposing one person and the public put them in the opposition. Modi said that in 10 years we have bridged the gap between the public and the government in the previous governments. In the next 10 years in the NDA government, we will work on good governance, development, quality of life, reducing the interference of the government in the lives of the people. We will take care of the facilities of the middle class. Work will also be done on how their savings can increase and how their life can be better. He mentioned the Nari Shakti Vandan law and said that in the times to come, women will be seen in greater numbers.

8. Modi said everyone is equal for me

For me, everyone is equal, no matter which party they belong to. When I talk about Sabka Prayas, I say that all the MPs in the House are equal. With this spirit, the NDA alliance has moved forward strongly for 30 years. We did not discriminate between our own and others, we did not hold back in embracing everyone. Modi said that when I was speaking in this House in 2019, I emphasized on one thing – trust. Today when you are giving me this responsibility once again, it means that the bridge of trust between us is strong. This unbreakable relationship is based on a strong foundation of trust. This is the biggest capital. He said that the NDA has government in 22 states. Our alliance is truly a reflection of what resides in the soul of India. The NDA is serving in 7 out of 10 states where the tribal population is high.

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9. Strong attack on Rahul Gandhi

He said that the world knows that we were neither defeated nor have lost. Our behavior shows that we know how to digest victory. We do not spread hysteria in victory nor do we ridicule the losers, these are our values. Modi said that NDA was there earlier, NDA is there today and NDA will remain in future too. Taking a dig at Congress, he said that even after ten years, Congress has not been able to touch the figure of 100. We have got more seats in this election than the number of seats they got in 2014, 2019 and 2024. Modi said that earlier the people of the Indies alliance were sinking slowly but now they are going to sink fast. Modi said that I thought they would respect democracy but it will take more time for them to develop values. These are the people who tear apart the statement of their PM. Modi said that NDA has strengthened the foundation of new politics in South India. Recently their (opposition's) government was formed in Karnataka, Telangana but people lost faith in them and then they embraced NDA. He said that even though we did not get any seat in Tamil Nadu, the vote share has increased and this is a sign of the future. LDF-UDF has committed more atrocities in Kerala than in Jammu and Kashmir. Today, for the first time, our representative from Kerala has won a seat in Parliament. He also mentioned Odisha.

10. Sarcasm on the opposition regarding EVM

Modi said that on the day of the results, I had asked whether EVM is alive or dead. These people (opposition) were constantly abusing EVM. I thought that this time they will take out a funeral procession of EVM. But on June 4, their mouths were shut and this is the strength of India's democracy. He said that now there will be no mention of EVM for five years. When elections will be held in 2029, then perhaps they will start mentioning EVM again. Targeting the opposition, Modi said that they were going to the Supreme Court every day so that there could be interference in the work of the Election Commission. These people had entered the field with so much disappointment so that they could defame India in front of the world and the country will not forgive them for this. Modi said that I am beating the drum of India's democracy in the world, they go and say that there is no democracy here.

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