My Story: He loves me a lot but doesn't do anything to make me happy, what should I do?

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Question: 'He loves me very much but does nothing to make me happy. Neither shows love nor tries to understand me. He doesn't even care about what I want, what makes me happy. Gradually our conversation is also decreasing. It feels like the distance is getting bigger and bigger and I don't know what to do.

Love is a feeling which is felt not from the mind but from the heart. In which two people connect with each other deeply, understand each other and move forward. In the beginning people find new ways to express love but with time the expression of love starts decreasing. Then the distance starts increasing, this time comes in everyone's life. Don't understand how to deal with this. In such a situation, to know the answer to the user's question, we… Vishal Bhardwaj, Relationship Coach and Founder of Predictions for Success talked to. (All pictures are indicative, we keep the identity of the users secret in the shared stories)

make you feel comfortable

First of all you need to understand your partner. It is possible that you are in a misunderstanding, they are not liking your behaviour. Therefore, you have to try to know what your partner feels. Sometimes a person is not comfortable sharing his feelings. Because of this he is unable to tell anything. Therefore, you have to make your partner feel comfortable with you so that he does not feel shy, nervous or hesitant in telling anything.

reduce communication gap

Be it a new marriage or any relationship, there is a lot of talking in the beginning but with time the talking also starts decreasing. Due to which other problems arise. In such a situation, it is important that you try to reduce the communication gap and talk to each other by giving as much time as possible. Ask about your well-being, talk openly about good and bad days.

need reassurance

need reassurance

It is not immediately known how distance gradually comes between two people. And, by the time one realizes it is too late. Because of this, sometimes there is fear in the relationship, like fear of losing the partner, due to which some things are not shared. Therefore, the couple should assure each other that he will always be with them so that neither of them feels insecure.

Understand your partner's needs

Understand your partner's needs

When a relationship is formed between two people, both have to take care of each other's happiness and needs. If there is any problem then we should talk to solve it. Negotiation and compromise are the foundation of every relationship. Therefore you should try to understand your partner's expectations. By understanding this, you will not feel wrong in not expressing love to your partner, apart from this you will also understand the reason for not expressing love.

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