My Story: He doesn't even watch the reels I send, has he found someone else in real life?

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Question: 'My partner does not send me reels, when I share reels he does not even watch them. It seems as if he is not interested in me. He never sends any jokes nor does he tease me by making fun of me on anything. Boredom has set in in the relationship. Is it possible that he has found someone, I do not understand what to do.

At the beginning of the relationship, the partners spend as much time as possible with each other, talk sweetly to each other on social media and also send love videos to each other to make each other feel important. But with the passage of time, everything starts to diminish. Then one partner starts feeling lonely. To know the answer to the question of a user trapped in such a relationship, we Vishal Bharadwaj, Relationship Coach and Founder of Predictions for Success I spoke to him whose advice can be useful for many people. (All photos are indicative, we keep the identity of the users in the stories shared by them secret)

This time comes in everybody's life

You might be thinking that maybe your partner is no longer as interested in you as he was earlier. But this is a common problem, the way in which partners raise expectations from each other at the beginning of the relationship. They express their love again and again, but after some time all these things start to seem boring. Although there is a solution to all the problems in life, but if you solve all the problems together with your partner, then you will definitely get a solution.

Understand your partner

At first you will not understand why this is happening. So try to understand your partner's feelings and know why he has changed. Is there any stress or problem in his life? Because of which he is not talking to you like before. In such a situation, support him and support him.

It is important to talk openly

It is important to talk openly

You should express your feelings openly. There should be no lack of communication. Even after a fight between you, the conversation should not stop. End the fight by talking and explain to your partner that you want to spend time with them, like to have fun with them. However, during this time, respect your partner's feelings and also listen to them.

This is important for healthy relationships

This is important for healthy relationships

Fun and joy are very important in relationships. If your partner is not supporting you, you have to talk to them and make them understand what you want. Communication and understanding are very important for a healthy relationship. If your partner listens and understands you, it is a good sign. But if your feelings are ignored, you have to understand.

Manage relationships on time

Manage relationships on time

Any problem can arise in any relationship at any time but it is important that we take care of the relationship in time. So that when you move forward in this relationship, it becomes even better. Respect should always remain between the two and for each other. Sending reels is a very small thing but if it is making your partner happy or angry, then its importance should be understood.

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