My son did this to show off to the media, Raymond founder denies reports of reconciliation

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There are reports of rift between Vijaypat Singhania and Gautam Singhania.
There were also reports of reconciliation in the media a few days ago.
Vijaypat Singhania is the founder of Raymond.

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New Delhi. Raymond founder Vijaypat Singhania on Tuesday refused to reconcile with his estranged son Gautam Singhania. His son had posted a picture on social media, which led to speculations that their differences had been resolved. Vijaypat Singhania said in a video message that he had reluctantly gone to meet his son Gautam. His son Gautam Hari Singhania insisted on drinking coffee. Its purpose was to take my photo and give a wrong message to the media.

It is noteworthy that industrialist Gautam Singhania had posted a picture with his father Vijaypat on the social media platform 'X' on March 20. He had written, “Today I am happy to have my father at home and his blessings. I always wish you good health, Papa.'' A reply is still awaited from the Raymond Group. In the video message, senior Singhania said, “Since the media is asking, I am clarifying my position. On Wednesday, March 20, when I was leaving for the airport, I got a call from the assistant of Gautam Hari Singhania (GHS), who was repeatedly trying to convince me to come to JK House.

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Took photo under the pretext of drinking coffee
He said, “When I refused, GHS himself came on the line and said that I would like only five minutes with a cup of coffee. I went very reluctantly. What I didn't realize was that the purpose of GHS was to take photographs with me so as to send a wrong message to the media.'' Vijaypat said that after a few minutes when he came down and left for the airport, he was Started getting pictures of myself with Gautam on the internet. It claimed that there has been a reconciliation between Gautam and me. Which was completely wrong.

Don't know the real motive
“Within no time, it was all over the media,” he said. I don't know what his real motive was, but it was certainly not for coffee, not to resolve our differences.” Vijaypat Singhania, former chairman of Raymond Limited, has been feuding with his son Gautam Singhania over the property for many years. There is a dispute going on with.

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