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Kumar Gandharva, the great singer of Indian classical music, was very interested in music since childhood. His real name was Shivputra Siddaramaiah Komkali. There was a musical atmosphere in his house, so he received his initial education in music at home itself. Later Guru B.D. Under the guidance of Deodhar, he practiced music hard. Everything was going well when his life took a disappointing turn. In 1947, when he was only 21, he was diagnosed with TB. There was no good treatment for TB at that time. Therefore this disease was considered fatal. Doctors forbade him from singing because it would put too much pressure on his lungs.

This was an extremely difficult time for him, because music was his soul. During treatment, Kumar Gandharva was advised to stay in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. He did not lose courage. In Dewas he took deep inspiration from nature and the surrounding folk culture. During this time, he not only remained engaged in improving his health, but also assimilated new streams and styles of music. He deeply studied the folk music of Malwa and incorporated it in his classical singing. After improvement in health, Kumar Gandharva once again returned to the stage. His voice was not the same as before, but there was a glimpse of new energy and innovation in his singing. He added new ragas and bandishes to classical music and gave a new dimension by mixing folk music with classical music. His unique style made him popular among music lovers. The life of Kumar Gandharva teaches us that despite difficulties, if we have passion and dedication, we can face every challenge.

Compilation: Deendayal Murarka

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