Mumbai – Big news for those who park their cars under trees on the road.

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As a precautionary measure before the onset of monsoon, the Parks Department of BMC has carried out proper and scientific pruning of large and dangerous tree branches. But these works are hampered due to vehicles parked on the roadside. Division offices of BMC are informed in advance about the pruning of trees in that area. Also, the Municipal Corporation administration is appealing that they should cooperate with the administration in this process and remove their vehicles from such places. (Big news for those who park their cars under trees on the road, Mumbai Municipal Corporation has taken this decision)

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The administration has clarified that if vehicles unfortunately get damaged during tree pruning, the Municipal Corporation will not be responsible for it. After the survey in Mumbai Metropolitan Region, the work of pruning the branches of dangerous trees is going on by the Horticulture Department. But while this sorting is going on, vehicles parked on the roadside are coming in the way.

To avoid damage to vehicles, BMC's division office gives advance information about pruning of trees in that area. Therefore, as per the stipulated time, your vehicles should be removed from the concerned place and taken to another safe place. It has been clarified that if despite the appeal of the administration, the citizens do not remove the vehicles from the concerned places and unfortunately the vehicles get damaged while cutting trees, then the Municipal Corporation Administration will not be responsible for it.

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