Mukhtar Ansari died not of heart attack but of cardiac arrest, know what is the difference between the two

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Mukhtar Ansari died not of heart attack but of cardiac arrest, know what is the difference between the two


In a heart attack, the patient has a chance of survival, but in a cardiac arrest, death occurs immediately.
Cardiac arrest happens suddenly and before this no symptoms are seen in the patient.

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Heart Attack Vs Cardiac Arrest: Jailed mafia and former MLA Mukhtar Ansari died due to cardiac arrest on Thursday night. This information was given in the medical bulletin issued by Banda Medical College of UP. Earlier it was being said that Mukhtar Ansari had suffered a heart attack, due to which he lost his life. However, the doctors made it clear that the death was due to cardiac arrest. Now many people are confused about what is the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest. Are both conditions fatal? Let us know about this in detail from the heart doctor.

of New Delhi Dr. Nityanand Tripathi, senior cardiologist of Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh told PressNews24. That the heart is like a pumping machine, which pumps pure blood in the body. This provides oxygen to the cells of the entire body. When impure blood from the entire body reaches the heart, it reaches here through the coronary arteries. When a layer of cholesterol starts accumulating in a particular part of the coronary arteries, blockage occurs in the arteries. In this condition the blood does not reach the heart or reaches less. Heart attack can occur in this condition. However, this blockage can be cleared by going to the doctor in time.

According to cardiologists, cardiac arrest is a sudden medical emergency in which electrical disturbances occur in the heart of a person. In this the heart beat becomes very fast and suddenly the heart stops working. In this condition, most people die within a few minutes. Sometimes, due to blockage in the arteries or the veins becoming too thin, the heart stops working and cardiac arrest occurs. If the patient gets immediate treatment in case of cardiac arrest, then in some cases the patient survives. However, the chances of survival are very less. Therefore this condition is considered fatal.

People also associate stroke with heart attack and cardiac arrest. Cardiologists say that stroke is also a condition caused by obstruction in blood supply. Normally blood from the heart reaches all the parts of the body. Maximum supply is in the brain. When due to some reason sufficient blood does not reach the brain, then stroke occurs. In simple language, when the brain does not get enough oxygenated blood, brain cells start dying and this leads to stroke. Due to stroke, half of people's body becomes paralyzed. However, if treatment is started within 3-4 hours of stroke, it can be completely reversed.

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