Mukesh Khanna's words changed, shared video in praise of meeting Ranveer Singh, hinted at Shaktimaan

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Who will become 'Shaktiman'? For the last two years, ever since the announcement of making a film on this desi superhero was made, this question has been in everyone's mind. Ranveer Singh's name remains at the forefront every day. But Mukesh Khanna had slammed the superstar actor by sharing the video. After her nude photoshoot, she appealed for values. But the interesting thing is that Mukesh Khanna's words have suddenly changed. Recently Ranveer Singh had come to meet the veteran actor. We had already given you this news. Now Mukesh Khanna has shared a new video. In this, he has not only mentioned his meeting with Ranveer Singh, but has also described him as the most energetic and dynamic actor of the industry. Mukesh Khanna shared a two and a half minute video on his YouTube channel on Wednesday. He captioned it, 'So it's important for you to know who is becoming Shaktimaan???' Read what he said word by word in this video:

'Lakhs of people have reacted to my small statement and a small video. I had asked you to tell me who will become Shaktimaan? This question has now become a burning question and a burning answer has also been found. A lot of comments have come from you people. The names that have come up and have received the most votes are Mohit Raina and Vidyut Jamwal. Many actors from South have also been talked to.

Ranveer Singh and Mukesh B

'This has been going on ever since I announced the creation of Shaktimaan, so it is no surprise. But many people said that sir you are the powerful one. Sir, when Rajinikanth can do this at this age then why not you. Thank you for having this faith in me.

'Meanwhile, word spread in the market that Ranveer Singh has come to convince Mukesh Khanna. Now I will not say that this is a rumour. Yes, he came. We also welcomed him. He is a very dynamic person. He talked to me a lot. But as it is said that some things have to be told and some things have to be hidden. So what did I talk to Ranveer about, I will tell you its details when the time comes.

Mukesh Khanna praised Ranveer Singh a lot

The interesting thing is that Mukesh Khanna, who once criticized Ranveer Singh for his nude photoshoot and praised his values, was seen praising the actor this time. In the video, Mukesh Khanna further said, 'We talked for three-four hours. The people of our office welcomed him very much. I wish him all the best for his career. He is a very dynamic person. I also told him once on phone that if there is any most energetic actor in the industry then it is Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh is sure to become 'Shaktiman'! Here the actors came to convince Mukesh Khanna, there all the old posts disappeared

Didn't tell who would be 'Shaktimaan', but gave this hint at the end

However, in the two and a half minute video, Mukesh Khanna did not tell who will play 'Shaktiman' on the big screen. But by praising Ranveer Singh and hiding many things, he said a lot. At the end of his video, Mukesh Khanna says, 'The camel is not sitting on any side yet. The churning is still going on. I will tell you when the camel sits on one side. Shaktimaan is being made for you, not for me.

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