Modi's family: You can remove 'Modi's family' from your social media profiles…why is the PM suddenly saying this?

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New Delhi: After the results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, the NDA government has been formed at the Center once again and PM Modi has become the Prime Minister of the country for the third time. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has thanked the supporters who wrote 'Modi Ka Parivar' in front of his name on social media and has also appealed to them to remove it now. PM Modi has said that even if the name changes from the display of social media, our bond as a family striving for the progress of India is strong and unbreakable. PM Modi is posting on the social media platform 'X', 'During the election campaign, people across India added 'Modi Ka Parivar' on their social media as a symbol of affection towards me. This gave me a lot of strength. The people of India have given the NDA a majority for the third time in a row, it is a kind of record, and they have given us a mandate to keep working for the good of our nation. Since the message has been effectively conveyed that we are all one family, I would like to once again thank the people of India and request you to now remove the words 'Modi ka Parivar' from your social media profiles. Even though the display name may change, our bond as one family striving for India's progress is strong and unbreakable.

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Why was 'Modi's Family' campaign launched?

RJD leader Lalu Yadav, who joined India before the Lok Sabha elections, had said in a rally in Patna that if Narendra Modi does not have his own family, what can we do. In a rally in Telangana, Modi replied to this by saying that when I question their nepotism, these people have now started saying that Modi has no family. I want to tell them that 140 crore countrymen are my family, those who have no one are also Modi's and Modi is theirs. My India is my family. After this, BJP started the 'Modi Ka Parivar' campaign on social media platforms. All ministers, chief ministers and leaders including BJP president JP Nadda and workers added 'Modi Ka Parivar' in front of their names on their X profiles.

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