Manoj Bajpayee said, “Children consider Indian parents as villains”, parents are not wrong

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Actor Manoj Bajpayee has shared his views on parenting and said that according to him kids these days are 'too comfortable'. In an interview, he admitted that he hasn't been able to spend much time with his daughter Ava Nyla and said that according to him, it's okay if kids see their parents as villains.

In this article, Manoj Bajpayee's views on parenting have been explained in detail. Some parents may not like his words, but what is the harm in thinking about it once. Know what this actor has to say about raising children.

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Generations are different

While interacting with RJ Raunak, the actor was asked why today's generation finds it so difficult to handle failure, while people from Manoj's generation were not afraid to overcome difficulties to succeed in life. To this, the actor said, “This is a serious topic, and one that I think about often.

Keeps kids comfortable

The actor said that we keep our children in too much comfort. We do not let any harm come to them and keep them safe like something precious. Now we have moved from joint families to nuclear families. We live in cities, and we start looking at our children as our trophies. We forget that the same child has to face the world, and we need to guide them, teach them and give them the right tools.

Social media is responsible

Social media is responsible

Manoj also blamed social media for this and said that when he was young, he was always connected to the 'real world' and people. In his time, there were no mobiles and social media. He also said, “Nowadays, kids' lives are limited to screens only” and added that when they are hit by the harsh reality of life, they are unable to handle it and go into depression.

parents are the villains

parents are the villains

Manoj says, “There is nothing wrong if children see their parents as villains. Anyway, when they grow up they don't care about their parents. Many times, when they are in their teens they may ignore you even if you are sitting next to them. They will eventually move away from you.” In such a situation, what is wrong in being strict with children.

Children are not their parents' trophies

Children are not their parents' trophies

Talking about raising children, the actor said, “Stop treating your children as your trophy. Stop saying 'I love my child'. No! You are their parent, so of course you will love them anyway, but your love is ruining their life. Because you are being selfish in this matter, you are not thinking about what is best for the child.

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